Wednesday, 6 March 2013

so disappointed in the public library right now.

Randomly, while waiting for Ryan to see what movies the library next to our gym had available, I went and checked out a geology display they had in the lobby. I took a couple pictures with my iPod of the stuff I found interesting and today when I was home alone I decided to post them on instagram.
It was then I noticed that not one but BOTH the displays I randomly decided to photograph had spelling errors. Um. Yeah. Nice one LIBRARY display.

What the hell is a dynasaur?

What does "Myan" mean? 

I want to go back and A) see if there are more spelling errors and B) tell them to fix it!! I'm ashamed and appalled. I guess they were too focused on making the informative paper strips amusing. But dudes. It's a library. Facts and spelling first. Funny second.