Thursday, 7 March 2013


I mean it when I say Roberto is literally one of my favorite people on the entire planet. He doesn't deserve any shit in his life. He's always happy and nice, he's a sweetheart and he's hilarious. He's got a cute dog and a cute wife and literally renovated his family's old pinwheel factory into a house. Um. Awesome.

About two weeks ago someone broke into his house in Liepzig, Germany, and stole ONLY his tattoo machines. And only the best ones. This happened days after he quit a job in Switzerland on semi-bad terms, which may or may not have anything to do with it. That's just my conjecture, he didn't say anything of the sort. Just want to give everyone as much info as possible.

Anyway the point is these things are very very expensive, and, like my friend Chris said on Facebook, some are one of a kind and could make their way to North America or elsewhere.

He's made fliers that are posted around Germany, and Chris did his best to translate them into English. Please, if you or someone you know is a tattoo artist or works in a shop, at least have a glance at the list of machines that are missing and keep your eyes peeled!

Help bring his babies back!! 
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