Wednesday, 6 March 2013

sir links a lot

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After reading the dramatic confession in my last links post that my one and only true love, the light of my life, the bread to my butter, mister Ryan himself does not like my links posts because they're too overwhelming, a friend asked me if it's rude of him not to read them, because he doesn't like them either.

Everybody, it's okay if you don't like them!! If you don't want to click on every single thing I found interesting or funny over the past two weeks, that's fine. It doesn't hurt my feelings, I'm just sharing stuff I think others might like in a very vague passive way. Take it or leave it. Whatevskies.

Now on with the show.

But only for those of you who like that kind of thing.


The secret to connecting with people. 

You know how deaf people can "hear" after they get a cochlear implant? Well here's a simulation of what it sounds like. Yikes. (video)

THIS RESUME. You're hired.  I didn't even read it.

What do we want from male feminists? An article that uses Kurt Cobain as a model.

All in your head - not everything is about you.

Sounds like Chelle had a great time at the doctor's office

Eyebrows or not, Amanda Palmer has the right idea about the music industry and celebrity. (TED Talk)

Best earbuds innovation ever. 

Palmistry 101. 

The length of my skirt is not a problem, so stop making it one.  

Rickyisms. And if you've never seen Trailer Park Boys I don't know what to tell you.  My favorite thing he's ever said was that he didn't want to jump in the lake because there's "lurches in there". hahahahaha ... or "apparently it's clear to see who makes the pants here, sorry boys" ... or "get two birds stoned at once" (which I actually use quite a bit in real life).

So uh, you can order praying mantids online. If you're into that kind of thing.

This is only one person's opinion of course, but it's very disturbing to think about. Why do some doctors encourage more frequent pelvic exams on attractive women than unattractive? Ew.

I love Beyonce and I don't care who knows it. :)

A sweatshop of one's own. What would happen if we suddenly had to make our own clothes? 

Talkin' about pubic hair preferences up in here.

You know when you're shopping on Amazon and you just need to spend like $3.25 more for free shipping? Here's a site to help you find that small item fast

Worried about missing out? Here are some mantras to get you through it.

I don't accept black people.

A fake movie trailer of every party I ever tried to throw, basically. (video) 

I bought three fake girlfriends on the internet.

That damn forced perspective. 

The world's most popular Google searches by country. 

A cat reacts to that rotating snake optical illusion. (video)

My blog pal Rox has a new and improved blog on the go. Check it out here

"Yeah, no" in popular culture. 

Use your words!

True facts about the fruit bat by ze frank. (video)

10 medical tools you're glad only exist in museums. I HOPE! CHAIN BONE SAW

This is obviously an over-simplified view, but I think it sometimes too after I get really bad customer service from someone. If you hate your job, get another job.

This six year old b-girl dancer is insane!! (video)

Suzy on recent attempts to market to women. 

I like this ad for Game of Thrones.

A beginner's guide to making your own video game. 

The making of Pulp Fiction.  Tarantino sounds like kind of a dick, why wouldn't he babysit the bunny? Geez.

Twitter: The Comic is hilarious

Model poses with manta rays to raise awareness. I saw a manta ray once, it was the most amazing moment I've ever had in experiencing nature. It was bigger than our boat.

The truth behind saggy pants.

A new Ask A Mortician!! (video) 

Social work in the Tenderloin will kill something inside of you. The commenters are getting all holier-than-thou but I think she's being very honest about her job and the general shittiness that comes with working with addicts.

A map of television show's locations in the USA. There are so many in Manhattan. You'd think they'd run into each other.

Deep Inside: the study of 10 000 porn stars and their careers

Social media and the rise of internet validation culture. 

Performance enhancing drugs for writers. I've been to the level of transcendental caffeination before.

Inside the Gowanus Batcave

7 sentences that sound crazy but are grammatically correct. 

The dark side of cartoons and children's movies. 

Check out the finalists in the 2012 Smithsonian photo contest. WOW The eclipse one is blowing my mind, I can't even understand how that's a photograph.

50 awesome pre and post workout snacks.

How to make a gigantic Snickers bar.

Men can't stop pleading ignorance about sexism. 

Aw Mila Kunis is the best interviewee ever!! (video)

The extraordinary science of addictive junk food

12 of Stephen Fry's wise, witty quotations. 

Honesty, or why it sucks to take a toddler out in public

Hand drawn floorplans of tv show homes

Aw those free range breads are so cute! haha (video)

Why does your camera see things differently than you do? 

Racial walking dead parody on SNL. (video)

Portraits of people posing with their passions and passtimes. Great alliteration in that title!!

29 dates to go on with your best friend.  I wish I had a friend.

Animals and their mini-mes

Yes! Use libraries for other forms of teaching and connection, rather than a book-lined internet cafe.

Would you take a trip on the Titanic II?  I would if they promised to bring enough lifeboats for everyone.

Photographer as witness. A photojournalist is in the room as domestic violence occurs. Very powerful stuff.

Comedian Chelsea Davidson does a spot on impression of Lena Dunham's character in Girls...doing an audition for Zero Dark Thirty. (video)

Feng shui basics.

Here are six women who weigh 154 pounds

I'm a real fan of these stupid drive thru prank videos. In this one he has a scary doll in the driver's seat. 

What are you going to do with that?

60 of the world's happiest facts. Aw now I'm smiling.

Gender is a spectrum beyond pink and blue

10 professions you didn't know existed. 

If Graze was available here I would SO subscribe. Snacks in the mail? I'd get them sent to work. 

Look at this freaky cinder block throwing robot. (video)