Friday, 1 March 2013

myspace era pictures of myself I found on an external hard drive

I tell ya, the Dainty Squid ain't got nothin' on my old hair colors! Or actually, she has the same because I used the same dyes she does now. :) I'm really sorry about the very very strange sizing and horrid over-editing. These were taken in the MySpace days of the early 2000s. If only fashion blogs were a thing back then...let's just say my clothing choices were um, amazing.

Welp, enjoy



It's like, art, or something. Right? Anyway I also have to show you this one because I was very very very cool, clearly. This was in a hotel in Kingston, Ontario. I still have those glasses.

I'm going to try an experiment and post these on Tumblr, see if they're more popular than my current pictures. I have a feeling they will be, as I was very bored and unhappy with my life when I took most of them. Tumblr seems to catch on to that kind of thing.

Also this is pretty cool!! I was in a bunch of Manic Panic brochures for a while. I think my pictures are still on their website, I haven't checked in a while though.

And look how nice my dredlocks were when I got my student visa photos taken in Mexico. 

Oh yeah and this is me with a really big millipede on my face like a mustache on one of mine and Ryan's first dates ever. I was showing off. Yup yup yup that's how I win your heart, ladies and gentlemen.

For the record it smelled really bad, like ammonia. And its legs went up my nose. 

And here I am after finding out my neighbor did movie makeup for a living. Awesome. 

Oh and this one's when I was on the Ferry, moving to Vancouver Island!

I certainly enjoyed looking at these. I also found some really cute ones of Ryan from when we first met. We both looked like completely different people six years ago. It's cool to see how we've evolved separately but together. Hope a million pictures of myself didn't bore you all to death because then I've got a mass murderer case to beat, and who has time for that?

'til next time