Wednesday, 27 February 2013

links - this is where i stood and waited

I came across this sticker on a photo walk near the water. I'm curious how many others there might be, and what their purpose is.

Did I ever tell you guys that Ryan absolutely hates these link posts? Like he physically can not stand looking at them because they're too overwhelming. And then I'm like "FINE DON'T READ THEM THEN IF YOU HATE THEM SO MUCH SOB SOB SOB" And I run out of the room flailing my arms. But seriously, we have a good relationship.


First of all, my friend Roberto's house in Leipzig Germany was broken into, and the only thing stolen were about 20 of his tattoo machines. He said they took the most expensive ones and left the rest, meaning it was someone who knew what they were looking for. Anyway all you tattoo artists in the area please keep a lookout and please let him know ASAP if you are approached to buy any. He made a facebook album of the ones he had pictures of.

I love these pictures of a photographer's girlfriend leading him around the world.

There's always someone more metal than you.

Here's a snake wearing a sweater.  

I LOVED with a capital LOVED the Big Shiny Tunes 2 album when it came out. I've got so many memories of hanging out at a teen center listening to it and playing pool.  Vice magazine asks if it still holds up.  I totally forgot about that Bran Van 3000 song. haha Ahhhh seriously. So many memories.

Damn I love Aboriginal music. (video)

This seriously might be the crappiest looking menu ever.

These pictures of a squirrel fight are fantastic. I especially like the one where they're both upside down! 

This old man has a cute routine about English spelling. (video)

Peter Sullivan is a 17 year old stand up comic, he's pretty good! (nsfw video)

Ladies' night is a scam.

OMG do you know what a foal's hoofs look like when they're first born? It kind of made me sick to look at. So you have been warned.

Dear Abanju. How does Kristin not have more followers? Geez.

What American TV seems like these days. (video)

4 weird but effective time management tips.

John Krasinski tells a story about when his car broke down. (video)

Photographing dark scenes for dummies

Stop apologizing for what you like to read. Unless it's Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey because there is no excuse.  


Omerica Organic has a shiny new website, isn't it pretty? If you order from them please use the coupon code OSM, because then I might eventually get free stuff and you get a really good deal. Win/win.

Syphilis: a love story. WHAT

This charming man: an interview with Morrissey. 

Here's an interview with a virgin who identifies as asexual.

The Tweet Hereafter: the last tweets of people who have died. Weird. 

7 posts to read if you want to kick ass on the internet. 

I love this necklace!!

It's kind of like reverse bitching. I like it!


Diana has a run-in with some mean old teenagers and lives to tell the tale. 

Oh my gosh, Elly had a scary encounter with a phone thief in London. Be careful out there, guys!

Hey '90s kids, you're old!  

How much people cared about Star Wars over the years.

I love Kris Atomic's stuff. You've probably seen her chronic bitchface illustration before. Anyway her shop's back online so you can get a print of that bitchface if you want. 

53 terrible jokes. (video)

Are you curious about the effect WWII had on women's clothing in the USA? Well Rochelle's got you covered with her very specific links roundup. 

What's so special about Norwegian wood anyway? 

Free public domain audio books and ebooks available here. 

The value of ideas, according to the creator of Dilbert.

This stupid picture made me laugh. 

An illegal tour of the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans. 

Well, my heart is sufficiently warmed after looking at these pictures. Although the one where she says her dog normally sleeps next to her...WHAT IS THAT THING? A baby rhino?

8 new and necessary punctuation marks.

How to stock a bar for $150.

Where baby carrots come from

The art of the handshake.

Bros and Not Bros. The difference between a bee and a wasp.

Hey where'd that cat go?

What astronauts have to say about seeing earth from space. (video) Really a great short film if you have 20 minutes and an interest in the effects of going to space on your psyche.

A new post by Angry Ink. You'd think this is a once in a lifetime thing but nearly the exact same thing happened at my work a few years ago. 

These ads for a German job-finder website are amazing! 

The people of Reddit answer the question "What is the ONE thing from your profession everybody should know?"

How to smile naturally for photos. (video)

Hair curling tutorial gone wrong. (video)

7 tips to love where you are right now. 

Why language is essential in obituary writing. 

How to have an orgasm with your vagina. 

Caitlin on damaged goods and PTSD.

How I draw

How Starbucks got its logo. Can't unsee. (video) NSFW

Seinfeld says it best.

What Emirates A380 Business Class looks like. Now that's flying!

Go buy the game Bad Neighbors. It looks so cool!

Residents of Harlem react to the Harlem Shake video craze. (video)

Check out Hong Kong's illegal microapartments. wow

What are your broken windows?

These movie posters by Claudia Varioso are great! I especially like Jaws, Dumbo, Stand By MeET and Donnie Darko.

Why I am like a cat.

Jada's right about Willow's hair. 

Oh my god I forgot about this scene from Strange Wilderness. SERIOUSLY. So funny. (video)

All these fancy lies courtesy of Daily Dishonesty.


Thank you for being cool cats: