Tuesday, 26 February 2013

sailor tattoos

One day Ryan was in the hot tub after working out and serendipitously ended up sitting across from an old man with the exact same chest tattoo as him: a Sailor Jerry eagle. Except the man's was probably sixty years old, and Ryan's is maybe five. It's cool how timeless a design can be. Ryan said he felt a little weird because the old man probably got his while actually being a sailor, but the man didn't seem slighted or anything like that.

Anyway it's an argument for getting tattoo flash "off the walls" at the very least. One day at the swimming pool you may run into someone sixty years older than yourself with the same tattoo, and then you can see how it'll look when you're older.

p.s. It looked bad-ass.

p.p.s. Sometimes he eats soup shirtless, no complaints here.