Saturday, 2 March 2013


First off, I put my name in the hat for that big old blog exchange. Yup. Puh-lease vote for me so I can go on an adventure!! :) Check out the pretty sparkly banner they gave me. haha I'm so putting this on my sidebar.


They do go by votes, but then they also choose a few "wild cards" which, I'm assuming, is my only chance, as I see Little Chief Honeybee is on the board ... she's got like ten thousand blog followers, how can I compete with that? Anyway I should win because imagine my bus adventures in somewhere like Portugal or something! ha

And now for your link fix for the day. It's a shortie.


"If you pick your nose, your eyeballs will fall out." and other lies to tell children. 

Why not to be star struck. 

Michael Buble stops his show to talk to a crazy fan, ends up doing a duet with her son. (video)

I can lengthen my words and so can youuuuuu. AND the 5 reasons girls type like thissssss.

Should I let my teen daughter become a model?  

Don't ever do this, but you can buy drugs online.

Stephen Colbert on Whose Line is it Anyway?

Our insincere pointless cult of apology.

Why Facebook makes you feel bad about yourself. 

A GIF that teaches you how to do the moonwalk.

Hotel staff of Reddit tell some of the strangest requests they've had to fill. 

This might be the most disturbing comic I've ever read. You have to read it from right to left or it makes no sense. 

Someone on Reddit asked how to cook a descent meal. haha

This is hilarious. And so, so desperate. Bloggers have been buying items and then claiming the brands gave them out as free swag. 

YouTube is going to introduce paid subscriptions soon. I'm not sure how I feel about this. 

The Game Over tinies. 

Why relationships fail: 4 tips to make love last.  

Why Seth MacFarlane's misogyny matters. Do not, under any circumstances, read the comments.

A simple venn diagram on how to be happy in business.

Ravi juggles a Rubix cube and somehow solves it at the same time.  (video)

Procrastination is not laziness. 

Connisseurship Snobbery has never been more popular.

DKNY stole 300 photos from a street photographer! Not cool

Alright fine, I'm trying out Jux. And I like it. It's very pretty.