Thursday, 28 March 2013

9am at a skate park and the graffiti is hilarious


Nothing ruins a kid's first time trying to drop into a bowl faster than a gang of teenagers showing up. Suddenly they're "tired" or "bored" and want to go home and definitely don't want to try anything new. Well you know when teenagers aren't at the skatepark? 9am on a school day. Just wait 'til the bell rings. The skippers aren't even out of bed yet and the rest are all in class. Genius. 

Here's ten thousand pictures.

This one guy, Heist, with the red paint, has atrocious spelling and punctuation, and has something to say at every turn. Oh well, he'll be homeless in eight days.

And this guy's spelling is even worse!! hahaha "Agreement is nessasassysary. lol!!

I made two little videos of us there as well with Vine. Check them out: