Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Do you ever wonder what tattoos other people are getting?

So one of the most super fun parts of my job is putting together this ongoing collage of stencils on the bathroom walls. We have a big ol' can of spray adhesive and a cardboard box in the library that fills up rather quickly with stencils. Once I get twenty or so in there I lay a drape sheet onto the floor under where I'm going to work (because believe me, spray-on glue on the floor equals sticky shoes for hours!) and then just go to town, sticking stuff everywhere. It's the adult equivalent of drawing on the walls. Best job ever!!

 My gear. I can't reach the top of the wall without standing on a chair.

We are trying this Elmers glue this time, I don't like it as much as the other stuff we got from Michael's, but it works alright for this job. 

I think the customers like the stencil walls for three reasons: one, it looks cool (and is something to look at while they pee). Two, sometimes they can find their own tattoos or their friends' on the wall which is neat. And three, they can see what other people out there are getting. Sometimes I think people who don't know us will come into the shop and worry that we're judging them for getting something small like a couple words in script or a diamond or whatever it is they want. But when they come into the bathroom and see how many diamonds and script tattoos have been all the super weird and funny tattoos as well, I hope they feel better about it.

Well, anyway here are a few photos I took one day. In the bathroom. Enjoy! Oh, and the hooks on the one wall are to hang bicycles, in case you were wondering.

There's still a lot of wall left to cover!