Friday, 29 March 2013

I've a-"mast" some links for you.

Oh that was a bad joke.

Batten down the hatches maties, you're in for a long day of links!


First off, I joined vine with the sole intent of recording Tank snoring. Which I did. I played it back to him and he sat there, listening intently. And then this morning I hid a treat in a blanket and recorded him getting it, but I messed up the video a bit because I forgot you have to hold your finger on the screen the entire time. I like the time lapse feel of the first half of it though.  Anyway the point Vine is actually pretty great for recording your dog doing things.

This is awesome. 


Here's a real bear meeting a kid in a bear costume. Too cute. (photo)

A trans-guy gives us perspective from both sides of the male gaze. (article)

How Godzilla was made. (comic)

How does one actually shrink a head? (article)

I have never seen Joseph Gordon Levitt look more dorky. (video)

Dealing with a spider in your house. (comic based on me, apparently)

Want, Need, Get, Forget. I hate it when I fall into this trap. (blog post)

Indigenous youth on epic journey to Ottawa deserve attention and respect. (FYI -50 Celsius is -58 Fahrenheit) (news)

My mom was an underground railroad for abused women. (article)

9 international muppets I've never heard of. (article)

A mom panda wrestles her baby. (video)

20 of the most drugged out rockstars. Some of these stories are crazy! (article)

Some Russian tourists illegally climbed the Egyptian pyramids and took these photos

Why does it take 30 minutes to fill one prescription at the pharmacy? (reddit)

Grammar Nazi. (video)

The dwarves of Auschwitz. How to verify the testimony of survivors and should you even try? (article)

I don't know if you of the international crowd know much about our Prime Minister but he has been doing some extremely shady things behind closed doors. Here's one example...firing or putting gag orders on ALL federal environmental scientists whenever they please. They don't say what he wants to hear so he gets rid of them and puts a big fucking oil pipeline through pristine forests and waters.


Animation magic! 


Defining the problem of elevator wait times. (psychology)

5 top casting directors explain why fashion runways are so white. (article)

A metaphor for being a smoker. (image)

Sometimes as a zookeeper I feel like I'm being mocked. (photo)

Marriage is not holy matrimony. (image)

Let me tell you about the Easter bunny. (comic)

Sarah talks about how un-feminist the breast cancer industry seems, and her feelings on a possible mastectomy. Ah this whole thing is absolutely frustrating and strange to think about. (blog post)

23 insane things you should know about junk food. (article) Along the same lines, check out Secret Ingredients (article)

A baby giraffe's first time standing up. Those wobbly legs!! (video)

This is ridiculous. Smith College has twice rejected a trans woman from admission because she was born a he. They are bringing a world of hate and bad press onto themselves with this one! Here's a follow up blog post and her vow not to give up.

Have you ever seen stfu parents? lol 

This picture made me lol for minutes. Don't worry, he's not hurting his nose. (photo)

Placenta encapsulation is the new black. This made me gag a bit. (article)

How to make an ostrich dance. (video)

Photos to give you vertigo. I believe he's a roofer ... and insane. (photos)

I thought they said rum! (comic)


This gif is weirding me out. 


Ram fighting in Tunisia. It's a thing. (article)

Everything I need to know I learned from Millhouse Van Houten. (article)

Dolphins reacting to underwater mirror. (video)

What if the Google Readers just don't come back? (article)

A really important reminder this Easter. (photo)

I donated my body to science. (article)

Erin's giving away a Lomo Actionsampler camera on her blog. I have one of these and it has become my film camera of choice for indoor concerts.  Because of shots like the ones I took at a Slayer show and these of Rob Zombie. Between the four shots you really get a feel for the moment. Go enter to win one!

Jasper the pet skunk crying to be picked up. Annnd now I want a pet skunk. (video)

Scientists baffled! (comic)

Pack of wolves at a wolf sanctuary start howling for some reason. Imagine hearing that in person? Wow! (video)

Buddhism and self-immolation; the theology of self destruction. (article)

Awesome dad and daughter cosplay. (photo)

These seat savers are so funny! And would totally work. (pictures)

KitKat vs. Oreo on Twitter. (images)

Tipping and tooting. (comic)

A letter to my sons about stopping rape. (blog post)

This is sickening. New laws make it safer to beat the shit out of chickens. (article)

10 illuminating fan letters from famous authors to famous authors. (article)

Jerry Seinfeld on how to write a joke. (video)

The perfect baked potato. (photos)

Aw, kitty. 


19 creative ways people have satirized anti-gay rhetoric. (pictures)

In Moscow, little girl soldiers. A look in an elite Russian girl's school. (photos)

I know I just posted a public washroom etiquette thing last week but Oh Noa wrote one as well and it's too funny not to share.  (blog post)

The time Caitlin went on a mission trip and was offered a baby. (blog post)

Check out Einstein's book plate. (photo)

Ellen and Portia keep it classy. Here's a peek inside their home. (photos)

What love means to a 4-8 year old. (tumblr post)

Amy Poehler, we need more yous out there. (gifs)

Leonard Nemoy's touching 1968 letter advice column answers teen biracial girl. (article)

D'aw, Lentil! It's a french bulldog puppy with a cleft palate. (photos)

Take the ageless Paul Rudd quiz

The moon is a creep. (image)

True story: I'm an alcoholic. (interview)

I don't really understand bringing back extinct animals (especially moas and saber toothed tigers WHY GOD WHY?) but seeing a real-life do-do bird would be neat. 

The 10 most disturbing books of all time. I really liked Blindness but it is pretty fucked up. And The Road was straight up depressing. (book reviews)

Rejecting a rejection letter. (article)

A guy ordered pizza and asked for a joke on the box. (photo)

A list of crowdsourced funding for scientific research. What kickstarters should be used for! (reddit)

*gasp* Sarah Rooftops admits her life isn't 100% perfect. Alert the media!! (blog post)

Babyland General, the freakiest place on earth. Unless you love cabbage patch kids. (blog post)

22 things happy people do differently. (article)

Is Alberta the STI capital of Canada? Damnit Fort Mac. (article)

And finally...ahhh! If only


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