Wednesday, 26 December 2012

BC Real Christmas. Photos and GIFS

Christmas Eve:

 The awkward in-front-of-the-tree pose.

 My grandma sent us a bunch of treats in the mail including super boozy chocolates. I told the boys to act drunk in that middle picture...then Ryan got in there too...what a smart ass. The kids were so bummed when I put this photo on Facebook. Puns intended.

Santa wave.

We each opened one present on Christmas Then spent like a million hours playing the Big Bang Theory board game. It's really fun!

Christmas Day:

Tank was confused about all the excitement. 

Tree ornaments.

There was a lot of food. And a lot of presents! These are just a few shots of some of the stuff we got, we were spoiled this year!

Compound bows for the children. We had a safety lesson right away, haha.

Zero calorie macadamia nuts!

My new Krampus shirt! I'll be wearing this year-round thank you very much.

Do not buy these. They're pickle AND MINT. WHYYYYY?

 I got Ryan this shirt for Christmas and it is awesome. He ordered my gift from the same Etsy company. I don't really want to badmouth them here, mainly because of something Beca wrote recently on her blog. I think that she's right and running a small business is very tough.

That being said, I ordered this in mid-November and it showed up five days before Christmas. His gift to me was ordered on November 27th and still hasn't arrived. They're making good on it and refunding his money but it was a very frustrating experience for both of us. So even though it's a cool sweater, I also don't really feel like promoting their store here.

These straws are AWESOME. They're for filtering any type of water except ocean water. You just suck water into it, and voila, it's clean. They literally are saving people's lives around the world. For our family they're perfect for camping! And they're good for something like 1000 gallons of water.

 Oh yeah!! Very fancy coffee from Hawaii.

 This beer was delicious.

 This is my all-time favorite chocolate. How did Santa know?

My grandma sent me this photo of me, my dad lurking in the back, her and her mom. 
Four generations! haha I can't take my dad's mustache seriously.

 These three are going to the Sasquatch music festival again this coming year!
 Here's the trailer for last year's in case you don't know how huge it is. Oh and see that photograph of John C. Reilly in the background? That's from last year's festival.

We each got a pair of PJ pants from Ryan's mom. Cassidy liked my pink tie dye ones and I loved his Beavis and Butthead ones so we happily traded. YES. I think I got the better deal.


As I write this post Ryan and the kids are out Boxing Day shopping. I wasn't even invited, thank goodness. Everyone knows crowds and I don't mix well. Ryan already got up at 5AM to get us this television at like half price.

This totally rules because we were still using a 24 inch tube tv, you know, the big square box ones. Straight outta the stone age! It sucked, we'd be watching Jeopardy all squinting and going "what does that say?" when words appeared on the screen. Or we'd be watching The Walking Dead and something would happen to the left, which is OFF SCREEN for us. Lame. But not any more!

The future is now, people.