Friday, 28 December 2012


It's a meme!!

First thing you do in the morning: Make coffee, feed the dog and turn on the computer to read blogs. Or more accurately, I go to bloglovin' and hit "mark as read" on probably 3/4 of the posts. Anything that says "sponsors" or "dreamy" is automatically not read by me.

First thing you reach for when you open the refrigerator: The handle. HA. Get it? JK JK. Usually it's hot sauce, mustard or soy milk, depending on what I'm eating.

First thing you do when you go to the gym: Let's get real here folks. Due to my dumb ol' chronic plantar fasciitis I can't do any jumping or hard running anymore. But I can use an elliptical machine. So basically the only reason I even go to the gym is because I can do some cardio and not hurt myself. Once in a while I will randomly lift some weights to change it up but I definitely don't have any routine or goals other than "get sweaty" and "feel pretty good about myself".

First thing you do when you get home from work: Say hi to Tank in a high voice for like twelve minutes while I take off my shoes. 

First car: A bright blue '94 Ford Tempo. It had a cassette player in the peak days of the CD, so I was stuck making mix tapes when everyone else could just push a button to change the song. Mortifying. Just kidding, at least I had a car. Now I take the bus so.

First accident: wasn't my fault, I swear! haha. The lady in front of me was supposed to be merging but she stopped (MEGA pet peeve of mine). She started driving forward again so I looked back at the traffic flow, saw my opening and went for it...except she had stopped again when I wasn't looking and I rear ended her. What a dummy.

Oh I also hit a parked car when I was seventeen in a Superstore parking lot and a man saw me do it and said "I didn't see anything" and winked so I took that as my cue to just get in my car and speed out of there. I don't know if hitting a parked car counts as an accident though.Probably. I am a terrible person.

First thing you wanted to be when you grew up: I used to wear underwear on my head and say I was a nurse, but I think I was just doing it for laughs because I can't remember ever having a keen interest in phlebotomy as a child. (Thanks medical terminology course! *dramatic wink at camera*)

First choice beverage: water or coffee depending on the time of day. I'm actually one of those water drinkin' folk who will tell you "You should try drinking some water" if you have a headache. And I pee a lot too.

First choice breakfast: some kind of bread and cheese combination, or an egg-white omelet with tons of veggies if someone else is around because I eat healthy I swear. 

First choice dessert: Cheesecake. Always cheesecake.

First song that comes to mind: You're the one that I want from Grease. No idea why.

First major purchase: I haven't really made one unless you count buying a university degree? ha My computer was $2000 or some shit and I've been paying it off for over a year now I think.

First job: I was an office clerk in my step-dad's insurance office. Full disclosure: it was in a small town so I knew a lot of clients and would read their files so I could know who was a safe driver.

First time you flew on a plane: I was three. I don't remember it at all but we were on our way to Mexico and there was crazy turbulence. Everyone was scared but I was sitting on my mom's lap (I guess that was ok in '80s) and pretending I was a cowgirl, going "YEE HAW" and stuff. I guess it really lightened the mood while our airplane was crashing or whatever.

I can't believe I did a meme on this blog. Sorry everyone but what's done is done. Published. Bam.