Wednesday, 26 September 2012


First of all, this is my new favorite song of the day. Also, Aubrey Plaza is so good in this video. 

AND have you ever heard of The Last Bison? Because you should!!! They're so great. Thanks Jess!

Now for your regularly scheduled links.

How to introduce two cats to each other. (video)

Disappearing mothers.

How to succeed in journalism when you can't afford an unpaid internship.

Are you at a hipster wedding?

Do what I want, do what I feel like and then what?  I'm still trying to figure this out.

Valerie Vargas on Tattoo Age. Ugh so good. (video)

Get drunk, not fat

The vulnerability hangover. 

137 freaky wikipedia entries.

My day out with the London Seduction Society. Anybody else totally disturbed that this society even exists? Because...yeah. 

One of my all-time favorite bloggers on admitting she's an introvert. 

Canadian dance moves. (video)

A guy faking a blow job on live TV HAHAHA  (video)

How big pharma hooked America on legal heroin.


"The Hunger Games" - a bad lip reading (video)

Becoming a detective to your own experience

I want to learn to cross stitch solely for this purpose. 

How booze built America. (video)

The only three questions that matter. 

I want to photograph a rainforest.

Meeting a troll.

The only black chick in the mosh pit.

A picture of Chelle naked. 

The final photo in Erin's graveyard post is very mysterious. 

Ashley's got her readers to recommend something in the comments section. Check out what they have to say.

Pig rescues baby goat. (video)

Insects in the morning dew.  The first thing I thought was "no wonder butterflies can't fly when they're wet, imagine the relative weight of that dew!"

That time I made my own wand.

A child's letter to God is answered. d'awww

Did you see Seth MacFarlane as Ryan Lochte on SNL? Funniest thing ever.  (video)

How to overcome creative block

Like Suzy said, I'm not sure how much of this is true but it's really interesting to hear where idioms come from.

Here are some things I'd like to buy on Etsy: this sweater, this t-shirt, this sweater, this fanny pack, almost anything in this shop, this top this sweater and these leggings.

How to describe different tv shows to different people. 

Caitlin answers some FAQs on celiac disease. 

Have you read Just Kids by Patti Smith? Here are 25 lessons you can learn from the book. 

Leslie Knope as a feminist. 

Cutting down on Facebook

Hanging out in hotels naked

Some free e-books

Gratitude, gifting and grandpa. (video)

How to use Google Search more effectively

A funny post on outfit blogging

I didn't expect the world to be so big. (click and drag the bottom picture)

A man experiencing childbirth. (video)

Igloo hotel.  Almost as cool as the ice hotel in Quebec.

Transforming corpses into trees.

And man created dog - 1.5 hours -  National Geographic on dogs!! (video)


Thanks Suzy (whose link posts I appreciate so much, ha), Sarah, Nubby, Courtney, Sarah Von, Kellie, Kellie again, and Caitlin.