Saturday, 8 September 2012


My life, in a nutshell. Except there should be more pictures of work, a few of Ryan and the TV and less of the dog to really be accurate as to where I"m spending all my time.

So anyway, lately I've been...

Reading: I'm still on Outlander. For what is basically a romance novel in disguise, it's quite good. It's about a world war 2 nurse from England who accidentally travels back in time in Scotland and meets Jamie, a super handsome large man in a kilt. And adventure ensues. It's quite violent and there are quite a few sexy scenes. Definitely an adult book, or a good way to get your teenager to read more.

Listening to: Well I've been all about Nirvana's In Utero album and Superunknown by Soundgarden to tell you the truth. And the new song I've been obsessing over during the past few weeks has to be Time Warrior by Horisont. This band is so close to cheesy, if you don't like stoner rock you won't like it but if you do, listen to this song. It rules. The only version I could find online was a poor quality YouTube video so you don't get the full effect but this song pumps me right up.

Watching: Well duh, Breaking Bad of course. And I'm totally addicted to So You Think You Can Dance, and I think this is my favorite season so far ever. And my favorite dancer Cyrus is in the top four. Remember him? Anyway this week's dubstep choreography with Comfort!!! So good! (It starts at like one minute in)

Excited for: my week off of work!! That's right, it's a vacation! I feel like I missed the entire summer just hanging out in a tattoo shop and a vegan store. I mean, it could be a lot worse for sure but I didn't even go swimming at all this year. By the way I am not sure whether or not I'm bringing my computer and stuff with me to my vacation destination so this blog may be rather quiet while I'm away. Consider yourselves warned.

Happy about: my friend/past co-worker is back working at the tattoo shop with me. She's awesome, and one of the only people I've ever worked with there who I feel does a good job and I can completely trust the shop with, if that makes sense.

Angry about: this gaping disgusting hole in my damn face. It's giving me bad breath and it still hurts three days later.Getting teeth pulled is totally lame to the max.

Worried about: running out of Tylenol 3's before my mouth hole stops hurting!! I've got 13 left and am taking around four or five per day. Eek. I'm also worried about what the next step is and whether or not I can afford it. Tooth stuff is really expensive!

Waiting for: I've not heard from the university program I applied for yet, but if I'm in I should be getting word any time in the next few weeks. I'm just watching the mailbox with eagle eyes and trying not to freak out about it. Either way it's scary. Either I'm a failure who didn't get in or I have to plan an entire life change for January.

Wondering about: this cartoon I found on the back of the kids' box of corn pops.What the...???

And yeah that's about it. Between working six days a week, having busted feet and now this whole tooth pulling thing I've been really quite boring. Do you have any TV or book recommendations for me? 


I'm going to make a packing list now because yes, I am that guy. 

My face is a wrist.