Friday, 7 September 2012

links -it's a short one but I wanted to get the dentist story off the top of the page ASAP

First off I would love to send you all over to my rad blog-friend Alycia's new amazing online pet store Happy Sprout Pets. Seriously dudes. There's TWO entire pages of dog sweaters for goodness sake, and they go up to a size XXXL...which is awesome because Tank is far too big for any XLs we've found. And these collars are so cute. It's dog-mom heaven, annnnd suddenly I feel like a crazy person.

And now that you know how much of a pet weirdo I am, let's get down to some links, shall we?

Hilarious celebrity portraits.

Don't be that guy.

The Breaking Bad drinking game.

15 criminals that got caught by bragging about their crimes

The woman who needed to be upside down.

True story: I was raised by an alcoholic.

Legitimate drowning

Things I have learned about cohabitation.

Better book titles

Could someone hire the NZ army to do Haka at my funeral? (video)

Photographs of forgotten palaces

When guys just want to be friends. 

The history of the preservation of anatomical specimens. 

Dissected artists.

I don't necessarily believe people flying with babies should apologize, but this is a great idea nonetheless. 

How to use Google Search more effectively

Abandoned mansions of Colombia's once powerful drug lords.

How bitches get ahead in business.


Thanks Caitlin, Gala,Courtney, and Clare.