Sunday, 19 August 2012


Recently on instagram...I saw a couple neat things and that's about it. Oh yeah and I started reading Outlander. After going into ten thousand rants both online and out loud about Fifty Shades of Terrible a friend was all like "Here, shut up and read this instead." And it's so much better!! :) (Thanks Corey)

Ryan got a sasquatch tattoo, as you can see in the top right corner there. The picture does it no justice, it's really cool. It's still healing right now but when it's done maybe I'll take a better picture.

And speaking of awesome tattoos and stuff...I have an appointment with a certain German man on Tuesday at noon and am totally dying of excitement about it. I only have a vague idea what it's going to be but I don't even really care what it is to be honest. I've been wanting to get something from him since he first came to visit the shop in like 2007 and I know whatever he does will be amazing.

Thanks to instagram there is a record of my questionable fashion sense. Yes these are real pictures of things I have been wearing.The socks are actually pretty awesome and you should have seen the hipsters go crazy for the cat shirt.

Now for some links.

How to make it snow in the summer.

The soundtrack to Beasts of the Southern Wild is so wonderful. (listen to The Bathtub)

I was a grade-school nudist.

True secret for success: gratitude. 

Ducklings watching a yo-yo. (video)

How to get away from your computer.

Wee-oo wee-oo body police. I can relate to this post soooooo much. 

Design tip: never use black.  Except in tattoos. Always use black in tattoos. :)

True story, I got over Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Does your life have a theme? Want to find out? 

EE! I love it when the Kingston Lounge has a new post! You like dilapidated buildings, history and beautiful photographs? Go here.

Clare on what feminism means to her

Shark finning is an extremely horrible practice. Please boycott any restaurant that serves shark fin soup and let them know why!

How to do things by yourself (and actually enjoy them).

The Fuuuu comics never let me down

When escaping your day job, privilege helps.

LA gives some tips on balancing workaholic tendencies with the rest of life.

I'm pretty sure I've shared this before but if you haven't seen the self portraits of Bryan Lewis Saunders while on different drugs, you should. 

Classic sculptures in modern day outfits. Amazing how hipster they all suddenly look. 

The worst sentence ever uttered in the history of the English language.

Velociraptor* in Melbourne. (video)

I like Tynan's rules for living. 

Why is everyone on the internet so angry?

There are two ways to look at life.

The first three pictures in this blog post almost killed me with cat coziness

Requisite cute dog photo

Tea etiquette around the world. 

Erin's pictures of the badlands remind me of my childhood. We would go there so often I thought the hoodoos were "lame". Now I think they're the coolest thing ever.

Have you ever played Bloody Mary? What if this happened? lol

On not being perfect and having a big nose. 

How to make vegan apple pie ice cream. 

40 ways to feel more alive. 

Snow on Tha Bluff trailer - this looks pretty good! (video) (nsfw - drugs, swear words)

Young people these days.

Are you worth more dead than alive? 

The occult framework of Peewee's Big Adventure.

34 people you probably didn't know were on Seinfeld

10 ways to remember life loves you

Have you heard about the lady who started growing fingernails out of every hair follicle on her body? So. Weird.  And such bullshit that her health insurance won't pay.

Breaking Bad audition reels.

I wish I could take music festival photos like Chloe does

 *spell-check tried to change "velociraptor" into "velocipede" and now I'm imagining a really fast centipede. 

Thanks Sarah Von, Kellie, Nubby, Danielle, Clare, Suzy, Courtney, Alycia, Kellie again, Danielle again and Gala.