Saturday, 18 August 2012

black carrots

So there I was, eating some candy at work, as usual, when I decided to read the ingredients label on the side. It was a raspberry flavored licorice thing, so I expected to see like, raspberries maybe, and some kind of licorice-root and molasses. What I did not expect was "black carrot extract".

"What the hell is a black carrot?" I asked everybody. Nobody knew.

"To Google!!"

I instantly came across this website that was like, all you'd ever need to know about the history and genealogy of every carrot phylum known to mankind. It's actually pretty interesting, you know, if you're like me and would watch a two-hour special on the discovery of giant snake bones in Colombia or whatever. (true story btw)

So anyway I spent maybe a bit too much time talking about black carrots that day, because everybody was all "SHUT UP ABOUT BLACK CARROTS" by the time six'o'clock came around.

Ryan and I had a date that night to go see Beasts of the Southern Wild, but we're all, you know, trying not to eat total trash these days* so we went to the nearest grocery store to the theater to maybe pick up some nuts or something to smuggle into the movie. And as we perused the bulk bins, away I went again, telling him about my day looking up all the information I could on these stupid black carrots. He was nodding politely but I could see his attention drifting toward the sesame snacks so I finally gave up. Nobody cares about black carrots but me. Boo Hoo.

And then we went around the corner. And guess what was the first thing we saw. Wild guess. Go on.


Black carrots. And yellow and orange but seriously what are the chances? So I, of course, instagrammed them and tagged everyone from my work because they had to know I wasn't making this stuff up.

And thus, my entire summer was made.

*Other than when I'm eating candy at work. I'm terrible at fitness.