Friday, 26 April 2013

sandwich competition

Ryan had a dream about a sandwich. He couldn't get it out of his head and decided he really wanted to make it for us all. Well, one thing led to another and pretty soon we decided to have a sandwich competition. We all dreamed up a delicious sounding sandwich combination, went out, got the ingredients, made them, cut them into fours (square-wise, although I was hoping for triangles but whatever) and each got 1/4 of each sandwich.

Mine was the most boring. It was just toasted bread, mayo, smoked tofu, cheddar, three types of sprouts, and some salted sliced tomato. (I was going to put fresh basil on top but the store only had packages of it for like six bucks, fuck that.)

Ryan's dream sandwich was a grilled cheese made with both cheddar and havarti, with rosemary and olive oil potato chips in it, and dipped in chip dip. It was like the perfect hangover food.

 The chips.

The kids came up with two delicious ones as well, one was a grilled cheese made with havarti and had slices of baked apple and smoked tofu inside. (This one was my favorite I think).  And the other one was a grilled sandwich with banana, peanut butter and honey in it.

When we were at the store buying all the ingredients we thought that hey, what we're eating will just equal one sandwich each, we'd probably be hungry afterward unless we add something to it, so we bought some of those tater tots. (The kids like them because of Napoleon Dynamite I think, they always go "gimme some of your tots" haha).

Somehow though, the combination of all these things was ridiculously filling. We hardly ever eat butter in our food and 3/4 of these sandwiches had a lot of butter on the bread. The only one of us to finish the entire plate (and everyone else's tots) was the 13 year old*. No surprise there.

Anyway it was fun and I think we'll be doing more sandwich competitions in the future. 

*He does have a name and I do know what it is...I'm kind of at a loss as to what to call them. It's not cool to write about someone else's kids on the internet but ... they're kind of in my life all the time and stuff. "The 13 year old" will have to suffice for now. haha