Wednesday, 24 April 2013


These dogs. No words.

Here are your linkadeedoodahs.



Wringing out spaaaaace. (video)

How to job hunt in 2013. (blog post)

Courtney on one of my favorite bad movies of all-time. (blog post)

I'm sure you've all seen Rebecca Martinson's deranged sorority email being read dramatically by Michael Shannon, right? Well turns out she was even worse if you can imagine. Check out some of her tweets. Yuck. (article)

You like downloading FREE SCIENCE BOOKS don't you? There's a book called "Photons Schmotons" hahaha (free books y'all)

 The secrets of body language. (blog post)

Txtng is killing language. JK!!! (Ted Talk)

Good news, Mars bars and Snickers have less calories now. And the bad news? It's because they're 11 percent smaller. (article)

This comic has come up on a couple of my favorite blogs, it's hilarious. (comic)

This really puts into perspective how long Queen Elizabeth has been around. (photos)

Coincidence photo stories. (photos and stories)

Baby rhino learns how to wallow in the mud. (video)

I signed up immediately for OhLife after reading what Kaelah had to say about it. I don't know about you but I need a journal that harasses me every day. (blog post)

Sandra does not like the amount of advertising in Copenhagen. (blog post)

Amy Poehler on what we should be watching online these days. “It’s OK to not be looking at what everyone else is looking at all of the time, to know what you’re ready to see and not see, and to be OK with letting some things rest in peace.” (video)

Adulting's tips for stoners who order pizza to their house. haha (blog post)

Teenage. I want to see this film! It's about the movement to create teenage cultures in America from the 1920s to the 1950s. Because before that time you were either a child or an adult.

You know computer hackers in movies from the '90s? Now you can pretend to be one. Wow your friends, impress your parents. (website)  Try mashing caps lock or the alt key.

Scotch tape photography. (photos)

Winkelheimer Smith, a disabled squirrel who taught herself to paint. (video)

Using sign language in the classroom, what a smart idea! (article)

I want a copy of the codex seraphinlanus. (photos)

Photos of living Portuguese Men'o'war jellyfish.  How are these animals??? (photos)

Awesome article on the "rules" for complimenting women at work and in public. (article)

Lions, jaguars, lynx, tigers, leopards, ocelots, pumas and other big cats (wtf is Rusty?) also like playing in boxes. Although they are much more destructive than any house cat I've seen. (video)

Hidden orchestra pranks. The guy at 1:52 made me laugh. (video)

8 writers and the walks that inspired them. (infographic)

Bloggers anonymous...basically the opposite of GOMI. Awesome. (blog)

Ahhh a market in Mexico City. So pretty. (photos)

D'oh, play-doh! (blog post)

Kristin celebrates Holi for the second time. Pretty colors. (blog post)

What I wish I knew about my period. Written by teenage girls for teenage girls. (blog post)

Eyes are so freaky to see close up. (photos)

There are some amazing photos in this list. 21 photos of people being wonderful throughout history. 

Check out this Simpsons knockoff from the Republic of Georgia! (videos/article)

People are hilarious on the internet sometimes. Check out the reviews on this ridiculous product on Amazon.  George Takai got in on it. haha

Macro photos of insects with water drops on their heads. (photos)

The problem with Dove's Real Beauty Sketch ad campaign. (article) and here's a spoof video on the campaign as well. (video)

Check out the "next generation" condoms. (article)

Dog wants a kitten. (video)

Deadly nightshade. (blog post)

Facebook "like" farming. Do. Not. Hit. Like. (article)

Here's New Zealand's parliament when they announced that gay marriage will be legalized. The government officials spontaneously start singing a Maori love song and I totally cried watching it. (video)


I posted a link to the video of one of these dogs last links post...the dog on the left kills me. He's SO INTO THE BREAD. hahaha

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