Friday, 5 April 2013

links for le weekend and self portraits too

This shirt is awesome. It looks fancy but when you get a good look at the pictures there's this guy, saying "Moving goats is my job" and many more silly things. I got it here.

Now here are your links:


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In a room full of naked Koreans, Margaret Cho's body is an unwelcome sight. This is something I might have to deal with some day. I've already written off going swimming in Japan. Now Korean spas are out as well! haha (article)

What I always want to say in a job interview. (image)

Corinna set out to be rejected one hundred times (!!!) to get over her fears of rejection. Wow. (blog)

60 tiny love stories to make you smile.

Suzy tells us about the birds in Blackpool and makes a list of ten things a lady should carry in her handbag. Things like "a pound for the trolley". OMG SO CUTELY BRITISH (blog post)

Smartasses incorporated. (image)

There's an island called Snake Island. And it's full of poisonous snakes. And no you can not go there. Nor would you want to because you would die. (tourism)

The first picture of Leigh Ann after she caught a fish is hilarious. (photos)

About adopting an older pitbull, without knowing its history. (blog post)

Ryan Gosling announced he's going to take a hiatus from acting for a bit, and people are freaking out so much that some fans created the "gosline" - a phone number you can call and hear reassuring recordings ... from Ryan Gosling's movies. Hahahahaha people are crazy. (image) And here's a video of him talking about this hotline.

Put your money where your happy is. (blog post)

Next time I travel, these  and these are the types of photos I hope to capture. (blog posts)

 I wouldn't want to live anywhere near this 'singing tree' but it's pretty cool. (video)

How to never give up. (infographic)

Chiropractor's beauty contest. (photos)

I want to go to all these abandoned places. (photos)

I worked in a Serious Coffee for months, and boy oh boy did people think it was funny to ask me if I was "serious" about my coffee. Every day. They only have shops on Vancouver Island but here they're as prolific as Starbucks. With much better coffee that's roasted locally.


Kristin and all her colleagues are trying so hard to help the children living in slums in India. What a huge job.  (blog post)

11 horrifying facts about your groceries.  So glad I'm a vegetarian. (list)

The 50 most romantic photographs of all time. (photos)

This book uses English words to help anglophones pronounce Spanish slang correctly. So good! Except grassy us. No. No. No. (images)

The truth about pit bulls. (infographic)

The Walking Dead: cosplay piano. (video)

14 words that are their own opposites. (article)

Ahhh lol lol lol Walking Dead and Night at the Roxbury in one GIF. 

Elizabeth's candid thoughts on modesty. (blog post)

DIY - how to paint with all the colors of the wind. (image)

The average human vagina. (article)

Meet Eric Ducharme, a real life mermaid man. (article)

I love Printstagram for making stickers of my instagram the same company created Printstudio - they'll print any of your photos in four super cute formats. I am SO doing this!! 

Oh my god look what this guy does to this passed out girl!! (video)

Wow, this photo of a tugboat at work is amazing. 

A dad's note to his gay son. (photo)

Paris in 2013 and 1914. All the hand painted signs! (photos)

The comment section for this ice recipe is awesome. Why the f do people make "recipes" and DIYs that are so obvious?  How to make a stripy shoe: step one, have a shoe. Step two, put a stripe on it. OHHHH MAN I would have never thought of that.

This Hemmingway quote is something to consider. (image)

John Gray says humanity is not progressing. (article)


I have this pair of sweatpants I got at Superstore...they're tapered, with elastic at the bottom, and somehow also cool looking. I like to pull them up to just under my knees so it looks like I'm wearing jodhpurs. 


Classic movie trailers remade using vine. (gifs)

Are women in their thirties invisible? (article)

The four horsemen of the relationship apocalypse. Basically all it comes down to communication and considering (and caring about) your partner's feelings. (article)

How does this help my education? (image)

How to do less and live more. (article)

12 mind blowing number systems from other languages. Wow! It's so weird when you realize something so fundamental as counting can be done so many ways. (article)

The ghosts of Jonesboro, fifteen years after a school shooting a small town is still recovering (article)

The Kepler Supernova. (photo) I take a particular interest in my namesake, what can I say?

Target changes the name 'heather grey' to 'manatee grey' in the plus size catalog. What are they thinking?? (article)

How unattractive selfies took over the internet. (article)

A clam with pearls inside. Looks rather obscene, actually! (photo)

Do you create anything or just criticize others? Such an important question! (article)

LuLu Lemon is handling the sheer yoga pants scandal all wrong. (article)

In London, street art gets spellchecked. (photos)

18 principles for highly creative living. (article)


I don't really look that much like this, I'd call this a "good angle" photo.


Ugh I want to visit the new Conspiracy Inc. location in Berlin so so so badly. (blog post)

Want to feel like you're sitting in a coffee shop RIGHT NOW? Click here. (warning, autoplay)

Scientifically accurate Spider Man. NSFWish (video)

Thinking of giving up? Read these. (images)

Shut up and write the book. (article)

Hey I made some brown Es. (image)

Cook your own food, eat what you want. (think for yourself). (article)

29 ways to make 2013 better. (list)

Soda is associated with so. Many. Deaths. (article)

Hilarious resumes. Number 13 is my favorite!(images)

Hey ladies, Anne Hathaway is not your friend. (article)

13 things you were doing on your computer in 1997. ha! Everything was so ugly. (article)

What are you going to do with that? On choosing your own path in life.  "People don't mind being in prison as long as no one else is free. But stage a jailbreak, and everybody else freaks out." (essay)

Top ten girl code rules. (list)

Die Antwoord has a new video out. Slightly NSFW, slightly creepy. As usual.

A look at Bill Nye (the science guy)'s house. (photos)

The world as 100 people. (infographic)

I just figured out you can embed Vines. So I present to you...TANK ATTACK


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