Thursday, 4 April 2013

I command you to go buy things today!

I already briefly mentioned that my friend/boss Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer. She's been blogging about it fairly candidly here, if you want to take a look. 

It's crazy, just hearing the decisions having to be made so quickly when something like this comes up is stressful. I can't imagine the world of anxiety Sarah and Gerry (her husband) are going through. It's seriously a whirlwind of meeting with doctors, then surgeons, then making an appointment to have a body part removed, not knowing if that will even stop the cancer for sure. All in a couple weeks. Can you imagine? 

Seeing this post...her cleavage photoshoot...really hit home for me. Next week she will not have two breasts. Of course it's the right decision but it's a huge deal! 


So why am I writing about someone else's private affairs? Well because of the impending surgery, Sarah has to close down her store for a few weeks while she recovers. Luckily her landlords are okay with this (I guess a lot of business landlords would be less than understanding) but still, that's two weeks of a small business having to close. 

She's keeping her online store open 24/7 until Saturday. As she says in her blog:

Everyone keeps asking me what they can do to help? 
It sounds crass but #1 thing you can do is buy something 
from Sarah’s Place. Either in person or online
at I gotta pay my bills and closing for 2 weeks
off is going to hurt so if you feel like helping … buy something.

So if you find some extra bucks in your bank account in the next few days, have a vegan friend who has a birthday coming up or something, or just want some treats for yourself, get it from Sarah!! 

Here are some of my favorite products she carries:

Click around the shop, there's something for everybody! 

Here are some photos I've taken around her cute store over the past year. 

See? Something for everybody. Even polkadot cat-knee leggings.
Thanks in advance, guys. Every little bit helps!