Thursday, 18 April 2013

links and depressing popsicles


32 of the greatest things that have happened on Tumblr. (images)

A dog drinking beer and eating frozen yogurt with a spoon. (video)

Focus me. Hint: move your mouse over the pictures.  (images)

Think or don't think before you write. (article)

Bury your secrets. (a charming DIY)

Some stuff exploding. (photos)

25 random interesting trivia to brighten your day with entertainment. (article)

The Hunger Games Catching Fire teaser trailer. (video)

Baby dos and don'ts. (image)

Photoshop in real life. (photos)

So I know Dove pulls this shit all the time just to tug on our heart strings...and one YouTube commenter reminded us all that the same company owns Axe (body spray) and are total hypocrites...but with all that in mind I still thought this was pretty cool. A sketch artist has a woman describe herself and he draws her, and then has a stranger describe her and draws that version of her. (video)

Portals to reality. (photos)



How to make your own Jurassic Park car.  (photos)

5 "girl things" I'm done with. (article)

"Excuse me, may I have your seat?" I worry that some day with my stupid feet I'm going to have to ask somebody this question on the bus if it's too busy. (article)

What's your ideal bookshelf? (images)

God's Own Junkyard. (photos)

I don't give a shit about the state of your dick in relation to me. (blog post)

All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten. (blog post)

IRL mean girls. (photo)

How to be an obnoxious tourist. (blog post)

"Son de la negra" performed by mariachi nuevo Tecalitlan. I love a good Mariachi band. No, I'm not joking. (video)

The definition of "sonder". (gif)

101 language learning tips. (article)

Did you know that the population is so small in Iceland that there's a large chance you could accidentally commit incest? There's an app for that. (article)

Breaking news: women hate shaving their legs! (article)


Check out this snowboarding crow. (video)

Your life in your early twenties vs. your late twenties. (Or thirties, to which I can attest) (gifs+images)

Typography and food. Yum. (photos)

A collection of vintage PSAs. (videos)

5 reasons why people code switch. (article)

Seriously how cute is Rochelle with her animals? (blog post)

Thoughts on the pressures of social media. (blog post)

Tips for getting an internship. (article)

What you need to know when you're apartment hunting. (article)

Did you know Jason Segal has written a series of YA novels? (article)

Instagram's envy effect. (article)

11 pointers for good digital manners. (article)


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Popsicle gifs via Schadenfreezers.