Saturday, 20 April 2013


So here in Canada it's a thing on April 20th every year for thousands of stoners to gather in larger cities and smoke weed together (at 4:20 of course) in a very public area. And they're allowed! And some of these events give out free drugs or sell them by the joint! (what the?) It's a huge event and I kind of hate it. 

I shouldn't say I hate it. I haven't been to one, just seen the aftermath. So. Many. Hippies. I just don't really get it. I don't partake in the illegal substances and have never really liked doing drugs that make me feel tired and paranoid. And what do the numbers have to do with smoking a bunch of weed? (Don't answer that, I've heard all the urban legends already, b'lee dat.)


Do people in your city have a 4:20 rally on April 20th? Victoria sure as shit does. And you should see Vancouver's!! Yikes. I have to work a couple blocks away from this thing...maybe I'll get to see some pot leaf tattoos happen today or something.


I just posted something about this day on Twitter and immediately somebody tweeted me this video, which basically embodies everything I hate about hippies.