Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Work, dog, food, cider, tv, buses, books. My life according to instagram.


Noa on being a picky eater. I, for one, will try most things once, so it's interesting to hear from the other side.

You're hired!

The universe shall be wiped out. In thousands of years.

If Dr. Seuss' books had grown-up titles.

Wondering what condoms are made of? Did you know they're not vegan? Did you know my friend Sarah sells vegan condoms in her store

Hahaha Zach Galifanakis is hilarious.

Hilarious. Swear words are always funny. The fucking weather.  Maybe nsfw?

How to see if your photos are being used on another site.

When having a website designed, don't ask for the wrong things

Reddit has the ultimate list of life pro tips.

16 ways I blew my marriage. 

How to walk on ice.  

Escapism isn't rest. 

This cheetah has a cool recessive gene pattern which has only been spotted six times ever.

This note made me laugh

Photographer shoots freaky self portraits of ... himself (duh) falling in various ways.

He just wants some chicken, if it pleases master. 

I think I'm actually going to buy these "leave me alone in public" buttons.

106 street art photos from 2012.

What 200 calories looks like in various foods. 

Elderly people read Rob Delaney's tweets. (video)

Redditors talk about interesting word origins. 

Bollocks to the hippocratic oath, people are crap at suicide.

Ya so some people had to see poop on that stranded cruise ship, but what's going to happen to the crew now? 

Lessons from my classy grandma

How a movie changed one man's vision forever. 

Digital detoxes are a healthy idea.

I'm normally not one for ambigrams but I do like this welcome mat. 

Good people deserve equal rights. 

Hey guys, I'm new and I'm shy. Sexy kitty.

Wow. My friend Sam has quite the bucket list. And check out the list of things he's already done as well, very impressive!  He's really living. He forgot to mention "cycled from New York to here for a visit! :)

Elizabeth Gilbert takes on Philip Roth, I like her take a lot better than his

This advice to a kid going through a shitty time in his life is great.

Why Tetris is addictive.

Cat shaming. 

Is that supposed to be a heart?

Girl's toys are becoming more and more infant-like

I kind of feel sorry for these scientists who have been waiting for pitch to drip


Aw, Sarah's sweet post on blog love.

Oh my gosh, cutest dog in a chair ever.

So my government debated what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I don't know if I'm ashamed or proud of this fact. 

It's way too late for these of course, but these Harry Potter valentines are hilarious.

Seanwes' hand lettering is spot on.  It's kind of a lost art, isn't it?

These "now and then" photos of a run-down school are really neat. 

How are these even made of flowers? 

What is life like outside after being in prison for over 20 years? 

Stills from The Simpsons. And here's some more.

You are going to die

A reader-first internet. Sidenote: I love how Paul Jarvis' blog posts come up now, with the picture.

A supercut of goats yelling like humans. (video) The one at 1:23 is hilarious.  

How to make your video go viral. 

This post is about working at a corporate funeral home vs an independent one, but I think it applies to all corporate vs independent jobs in a way.

This video of Lemongrab trying to understand the candy ways is like me holding a baby.

Don't make this everyday mistake every day.

A graffiti story.

Indexed - a bunch of funny venn diagrams drawn on index cards.

Oh. My. God. This fat little puppy!

This picture of this mosque in Iran is amazing! 

I want to try this: guacamole deviled eggs. 

Over 50 children in the USA were hospitalized when Disney's The Princess and the Frog came out because they got salmonella from kissing frogs!  

Hammerhead theater - true stories of a terrible coworker. lol!!

A pug's guide to etiquette.  

Movie kid pyramid.

NASA thinks they may be witnessing the birth of a black hole. 

Skateboarding through Tibet

Bobsmithhome describes middle class slavery and why he and his wife lived below their means to achieve financial independence.  Inspiring! And I think it's the right way to look at money and retirement.

Not for the weak of heart: a former (escaped) prisoner in a North Korean concentration camp drew some sketches of what it looked like inside. 

Hans Scharff, a very successful German WWII interrogator, used research and kindness persuasion instead of violence.  He actually ended up welcomed into the USA! What?!!

40 of the most powerful pictures ever taken. I'll admit by the end I had a few tears in my eyes.

This randomly generated Garfield cartoon is delightfully strange.

This cool as a cucumber dude videotapes a crash landing of his airplane with his phone. (video)

Was just thinking about the lyrics to this song, I doubt Macklemore will ever get clothing sponsors.

How to talk to women without being a creep. TRUE!

I for real think that Rob's Valentines gift of vices to Caitlin is true romance for two reasons: it shows how well he knows here AND it shows that he loves her anyway. haha

Do we all see the same colors? I've wondered about this forever!  And if we don't, that probably explains why people have different favorite colors.

I'm not usually one for slam poetry and whatnot but Knock Knock is amazing. (video)

How to keep your sanity with a busy schedule. 

Jane Goodall on the environment. 

WTF evolution? A tumblr blog about the earth's craziest creatures. 

I want to do this more: praise someone to their supervisor.

Photos of beautiful rare metals.  

I agree, we do need a new punctuation mark!  (See what I did there?)

10 things about North Korea you may not know.

You don't have to have sex to be sexual.

Look at this cute video of wild leopards discovered a mirror in the forest. 

The only black guy at the indie rock show. 

The worst thing about Valentines Day.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Suzy is? 

Beck's 15 cognitive errors: your brain's greatest work of fiction. 

How they got this adopted 13 year old to agree to this is beyond me but it's super funny and cute. 

Why I don't lie about my age. One of my major pet peeves at work is when ladies will write "old enough" or ask if they have to write how old they are on the consent forms. YES. It's a legal document!

This is my kind of mosh pit.

20 things that will make you say "NOOOOO!" 

How much sugar are you actually eating?

These post-hurricaine Katrina photos are beautiful and very sad.

Tarantino plans a third movie in his rewriting of history trilogy!! YES

Zen pencils - Cartoon quotes from inspirational folks.

This links post is getting out of control. Here are some sloth Beyonces.


And I think I'll end on a high note.

Thank you