Friday, 18 January 2013

Yeti in the sky with diamonds.

You want to know something funny? Eh actually it's a bit sad and pathetic. A long time ago, back when Piknik dot com was a thing to use to edit one's photos, they had a super fun outer space themed mask you could throw over top of any of your pictures and it was very magical. See? Here's me (pre-chest tattoo...weird!) in a very Sears portrait-esque photo. In space!

I also used to have a cat if you recall, but then now I don't* because she's totally dead and it's still kind of a bummer to think about because she was all old and sick.

Anyway so one day I took a close-up photo of my cat Yeti's face, and thought it would be totally hilarious if I superimposed her face into outer space, kind of like a three wolves moon t-shirt thing. And I did, and it was funny as hell so I made it my email background. As a joke.

But now that she's dead I can't bring myself to change it because it's like she's looking down at us from the heavens and it'd be super mean and disrespectful to her memory to change the picture to something more cheerful.

I know, it's so dumb but I guess my email is going to look like this forever. 

*"then now" ... what am I doing??????? STAHP