Saturday, 19 January 2013

crazy huge list of links and my life

Okay uh, what do we have here? My favorite jalepeno chips are not sold around here anymore so I mail-ordered a bunch of them. We got (and assembled) some new furniture last week. There was frost, sun, sexy star wars cards and Ryan on instagram. I got progressively sicker and then saw a cool old building.

Dog pictures as usual. Sleeping, playing, sleeping, begging and walking.

My pal Corey (who started out as an internet friend!!) came by Victoria the other day with presents: a cool t-shirt and some candy from Thailand. My most majestic socks. A tiny gingerbread man. Me being too cool on the bus and then having my legs fall completely asleep. A new witch shirt from Ryan. Watching nature shows on our new TV. Being in nature. A back alley shoe shine door. Hairstyle. Ryan in his long underwear and socks. Adventure Time. Ira. The worst sidewalk ever. An onion ring that says no. Long moss. Ryan getting the top of his butt tattooed by Colin Wiley. 

And yeah, that's what my life looks like these days in a nutshell. Well some of it anyway. There's actually a lot more coffee, TV, tattoo shops, and walking to and from places.

And now...links!

What is it like to be an adult and not have kids? I thought this would be an affirmation of the awesomeness of not having kids but it looks pretty bleak according to these two people.

Curatives for judgement.

My roommate is a male escort and it's no big deal.  

Cliche finder.  A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse. haha

How do I bath? 

Why are you so intimidated by girls liking rap music?  

Lego eye creature. 

The creative confessional. Not only can you read confessions, you can absolve or condemn the people who posted them!

This guy's wedding speech is so awesome. (video)

Sexual myopia: If you're my age why do you look so old? 

This commercial from Japan for...crackers? is hilarious. (video) 

Talk about your cultural appropriation...yikes. 

What's it like being a stand-up comedian in Saudi Arabia?  

Fairly disturbing but morbidly interesting thought, what some redditors who attempted suicide did on their "last day". 

Here is a cat experiencing snow for the first time. (video)

5 must do travel splurges, even if you're on a budget.

These day planners are really cool. I love how you can personalize them so much. 

Notes for the unemployed.

Is Sponge-Bob Squarepants a revolutionary symbol in Egypt? No.

John Hodgman's advice to writers. (videos)

What happens when the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song gets put through Google translate a bunch of times? Eh, exactly what you'd expect. (video)

This is a cool idea: the Do Not Enter Diaries. A webseries that shows different teenagers' bedrooms all around the world. 

Photographer recreates his dreams as surreal photographs.  

True facts about the seahorse. (video) He pronounces 'seahorse' strangely. Like 'seawhores' haha.

Redditors tell a secret they swore never to tell. 

Well this site is for the USA but if you're considering what career to pursue or what to take in school please take a moment to check out this site. Here's the much less user friendly (typical Government of Canada website style) site. Ah this one is much better, screw you

North Korea smokes weed every day, explaining a lot.  

What skills should everyone have by the age of 25 that the average person doesn't? 

'the look of gratefulness' - welp, crying about a picture

Whoa I did not see that coming. New Zealand safety message. (video) OMG AND THIS ONE IS SO MUCH WORSE. nsfl but it does get the point across.

"Wow, red is so beautiful!"

I don't know how I missed this when it came out but Caitlin at Ask A Mortician put out a video on how to talk to your children about death that is quite good.  

Make love not porn.  (nsfw obvi, but very good) And an interview with the creator.  And here's her 5 minute TED Talk about the website.

Look at his self-satisfied little face.

These photos of an abandoned Russian Military Rocket Factory are amazing! 

So NASA just now figured out that if you use long exposure you get better night time photos?

Feeling stressed? Click here. 

Have you seen this outrageous illustration put out by the Wall Street Journal about "the poor"? I honestly still can't believe it's actually real, like maybe they took something from The Onion or something?? I make 13 times less than the poor single mother. ha.

I posted a similar link recently, but here's more last meals of inmates on death row. Some of these are pretty famous criminals. I think the photos are recreations.

Hey ladies of Reddit, how do you feel about the way products/services/tv shows (etc ) are advertised towards your gender?lol

160 random acts of kindness. 

This video taken in Syria is really scary. I can't imagine hanging out in the window while tanks are shooting at my building!! (video)  p.s. don't read the comments, they are very racist.

Fuck insecticide. Seriously. There's always dead bees near my house because of the city's liberal spraying of its pretty flowers along the side of the road. It's so sad and pointless!

Congrats to Suzy Krauze and the Skyscrapers for making the shortlist for the Canadian Weblog Awards! 

27 science fictions that became science facts. 

Apparently a lot of crazy people show up at the White House to talk to the president of the USA. 

The cost of being Batman. 

Have you heard of Idle No More?  Indigenous groups in Canada are rising up, taking claim to what is theirs, demanding indigenous rights, and standing up for the environment. It's becoming a pretty big movement, no matter how little the newspapers are talking about it.

Dog that was mistaken for a lion three times because of his cute wittle hair cut.

Get out of my gay bar, straight girl.  

I was just going back into my archives and found this post that I want to re-share because I want everyone to know this stuff so much. rant: cultural faux pas regarding tattoos in public

The most annoying question ever. I agree.

Oprah on aging. (video)

22 stairways to nowhere.

Tina Fey's secret to success

Whoa, Elly is actually going to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. WHAT

What's something that is secretly confusing to you but you never ask anyone about because everyone seems to understand or overlook it?  

Start working and a muse will appear.  

The sea chair: can it solve the biggest pollution crisis in the ocean? 

Defrosting a building.  Beautiful photos of icicles.

I think Batzy's "how to cut your bangs" free printable is so cute! I'd frame it and hang 'er in my bathroom if I had a printer to print it with.

Have you heard about Aaron Swartz trying to make all the knowledge available in JSTOR available to the public? And how he didn't get charged by anybody affected until the government got involved? And sadly he ended up committing suicide? 

Justin Beefer.  

Are you in Brighton or nearby? My boss Gerry Kramer and my friend Roberto Seifert are tattooing at the convention this year, please go by and say hello if you're in the area. They are seriously awesome friendly people and deserve all the love you can give 'em. And money. Get tattooed! :)

I need to do everything in my power to not be poor. 

Is there no such thing as mindless entertainment?

Vincent Van Gogh's self-portrait turned into a photograph.

10 shocking secrets of flight attendants.

Best cover of the Super Mario songs ever. (video)

Why is it so expensive to be poor? I find myself in some of these traps.

Amy Poehler on negativity. 

Plastic surgery in South Korea.

How to wear hats with confidence.

Risking a blog relaunch - things to think about. 

Bill Cosby on how to read faster. 

Street art (urban truffles?) in Copenhagen. 

Turns out that proactiv 'free trial' stuff is kind of a scam. 

The audacity of Lena Dunham, and her admirable commitment to making us look at her naked.

It's really scary to think that computers can be messing with our children's neuroplasticity and the control over their id.

Thank you

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