Saturday, 12 January 2013


Ayer vi a una chica quien estaba en mis clases de espanol (en la universidad) trabajando en un restaurant mexicano. Y, no voy a mentir a ustedes, yo estaba triste que, por lo que conozco, nadie de mi programa fue a hacer algo importante con nuestras aptitudes idiomaticas. (O lo que sea despues de dos años sin hablar ni una palabra de este lenguaje.)

Y ahora ... los vínculos!


Camouflaged animals. I seriously can't find the leopard.

Ever wonder why immigrants open the same types of businesses?

I loved reading this blogger's take on not being "fun" anymore. 

I can't believe this guy stays so calm while a polar bear tries to eat him. (video)

How the Hunchback of Notre Dame actually ends.  

Creative advertisement. 

Actual real life video footage of a giant squid has finally been captured. (video)

Does the idea of dying get easier to cope with as you get older?

A pickpocket's tale.  

Things to say no to. 

When should you go to bed? Let this bedtime calculator figure it out for you. 

When your house burns down you should brush your teeth.  

Invisible drive-thru prank. "instagram dat joint" haha (video)

Miracle Whip's letter to Stephen Colbert. 

Have you ever heard of the Order of the Occult Hand? hilarious

I was a suspected school schooter.

Don't you want to live here? 

Mike the Viking and Sunday (of Anger Burger fame) are working on creating a card-based game called 'Bad Neighbors' - where you have to kill your neighbor before they kill you. They are working on making it easy to learn, you know, in case you consume a few adult beverages before playing.

A mom buys her 13 year old an iPhone for Christmas - with this contract. Awesome.

I want this shirt. 

What exactly is "old school" tattooing?  

Did you know in Iceland you have to pick your kid's name off an approved list?  

It will be sunny one day: a letter from Stephen Fry to a woman suffering from depression. 

The Croatian tattooed grandma cult. 

Funny Amazon reviews for a banana slicer. 

Tales of a princess for hire. 

There's a new Ask A Mortician video out.

Rookie gives advice to teenagers looking to date older people. 

The 5 girlfriends society wants you to be.  

Have you seen the Czech contender for president? He is tattooed head to toe!

There is no secret.

Redditors post their all-time favorite photo on the internet.  Boop. Also, funniest GIFs .

Lunchroom law. Yes.

See someone working hard? Don't interrupt them!  I feel this way about reading too.

10 psychological states you've never heard of. Or maybe you have. I have.

50 things to stop doing forever. 

Inside Dayglo - the world's most colorful factory (video)

Now you can go visit Frida Kahlo's dresses! Cool.  

How to criticize another person's work.

The things successful people don't do. 

10 secrets for a better night's sleep. 

Jerry Seinfeld intends to die standing up. 

IBM's Watson (of Jeopardy fame) memorized the Urban Dictionary. Then they had to delete it because he was swearing. 

Suzy had the guts to write a letter to Jian Ghomeshi offering him a ride from the airport, and he responded!! 


In defense of Zooey Deschanel. 

True story: I'm a historical war reenactor.  

Dogs are weird! 

Dog GIFs.

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