Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tank's blog.

 Rochelle said she'd like to see Tank write his own blog so I asked him if he wanted to and he said yes. Lucky you guys. This is going to be amazing.

Tank's Blog Entry.


Today I was sleeping and then had to go outside go pee so I knocked on the door of Nova and Ryan. They were inside and I had to go outside. Nova said "Okay you wanna go outside?" but she looked like tired and I got happy because after outside means breakfast.

Later in the day after sit-with-me's and sleeping not on the couch because the humans would see and go "BAD DOG GET DOWN" I was licking the floor because remember that time last week when they had nachos and it smelled like cheese? And then one thing fell on the carpet so maybe there's more food things on the carpet. But then Nova said "NO LICKING" and I got sad and I went to the kitchen and then I was licking the floor because there was a crumb I think sometimes there are crumbs on the floor. But then she said "NO LICKING" again and I was sad so I went to bed. I sat down mad but then I was happy because I got tired.

Sleeping in my bed was good because I had a dream about running to get the kitty and then I was having treats. And then later Nova said a word like "walk". It was like "talk" but she got up at the same time and I thought it was because we were going to walk and then I ran over but then she said "talk" again and it wasn't walk so then I sat like a good boy and then she said it's time to clean my nose and my bum and I got sad because I don't like it.

Ryan was sleeping but then he got his shoeson and he went outside and I was waiting to go see him maybe for a walk but then he didn't come inside to get me so I laid down on the shoes.

Then I was a good boy and Nova got my leash and my suit and she got her sweater and shoeson and then we got to go for a walk. I was smelling the things and she kept saying "let's go" and I was so busy because we went in the trees and there was so much pee to do. It is my trees not that other dog and there were smells like deer and so I had to smell it all and lead the way. I am very important in the trees.

And then we came inthehouse and I got to drink some water and then it was dinnertime. I knew it because my tummy said DINNERTIME and so I looked in my bowl but there was no dinner and I was so hungry. Nova said "are you hungry?" and I was so happy when I heard the food in the bowl.

And then after dinner I got so sleepy and I laid down and then I was sleeping until Nova said "do you want to write a blog?"


Good boy.