Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I share because I care: a linky odyssey. And some pictures of Victoria.

My twitter friend Kelli is in Victoria right now from London and she said "it's literally the most beautiful place". D'aw. But she's kind of right. It is pretty nice. Would you like to see a few photos I took this year? Too bad, you have to.

And these were all things I just casually walked past and took pictures of.



Today folks, I am caring about sharing. And daring herring. And, of course, swearing. Fuck.

Why do a links post at all? I was imagining somebody from my real life stumbling upon my stupid blog the other day and being very confused about this, uh, hobby of mine. What on earth am I doing this for week after week?

How would I explain taking all the time ... and the planning to get all these links together in one place? It's not original content and, at least for me, it's not like it generates a whole lot of new readership or anything like that. I can't say "oh I keep a blog so my family knows what I'm up to". It's kind of weird. There is no discernible purpose.

So what's the answer?

I don't know! I guess I'm just really interested in sharing ideas and information with people. A lot of the articles I post are controversial or might not be anything I can use personally, but if I think it may be useful to someone else I'll throw it in here anyway.

Regardless of my reasoning, or lack thereof, it's fun for me to feel like I'm sharing some of the coolest things on the internet and I hope some of you appreciate it.

Anyway, onward to the links. 


There's a foreign word for that. You know me and foreign words for that.

Bleecker Street in NYC is so cute! It's amazing how much it's changed since 2001.

I'm not much of an arachnophobe but this video still freaked me out a bit. The size of that spider!

Support socially responsible companies this holiday season.

A 2 step plan for getting what you want.

Victoria's Secret did not release a line of consent themed underwear, but what if they did?

Earning adventures.

Jurrasic Prank. (video) The ding dong dino ditch thing made me laugh. 

I want this to be real. Please tell me this farmer exists


Vice says: never pitch any of these things to us ever again.

Spending time with Hanksy. (video)

Lolyphile: adult flavored lollypops.

Satisfaction with Canadian democracy hits an all-time low. Yeah no fucking kidding.

Terrifying chocolate baby heads. Seriously, who would eat these? 

Don Cheadle as a megalomaniacal Captain Planet. (videos)


How to conquer apartment hunting.

This guy reproduces people's Facebook profile pictures before he adds them as a friend. 

Monsterized thrift store paintings. 

The science of Plan B. (video)

Graham Hughes is the only backpacker to visit every country without flying on less than $100/week.

Mr. Blobby is the most terrifying um...thing...I've ever seen. (video)

Shadow photography.  

Amazing extinct animals

Does the universe have a purpose? (video)

A much needed primer on cultural appropriation. 

Youse had better get used to it. 

Gifts for the traveler. I would like any of these things.

I'm not super into dubstep but I found this video on it so interesting! The idea of us needing a kind of sonic foundation to be able to recognize it as music is so cool. 

True story: I dated a transman.

Tips for traveling with small children.

Grumpy cat is so effin' cute. I don't even care. (video)

Three legs are better than one, or as I'd call it, why I will never have a rodent as a pet.

Holiday dog collar giveaway.

I tried to have a spiritual experience in the desert

Come on, you know you need a microscope for your iPhone.

This is so true.

When men are too emotional to have a rational argument. 

Haha I love this closed/open sign.

The riddle of Kate Moss.  

Do you like the show The Mindy Project? It's growing on me. 

AAAH have you ever seen a ballerina's toes? Beauty is Pain.

Clive doesn't get instagram either. Weird that this posted the same day as mine did. Twins!

What if your friends acted like your pets? (video)

Aw this made me cry, first of all. It also makes me like Fiona Apple so much more, I hope her fans understand.

Have an uncrazy Christmas

It happened to me: I'm a female pickup artist.

We can all learn from Gabby Douglas' attitude.  

Things Caitlin is totally over

The best Ricki Lake topics.

How the Lord of the Rings movie saved one girl's life

This is something I need to learn: how to make your graphic tees look adult lady appropriate.

I love this blanket. 

Reasons why music scenes are for idiots.

My 40 year old face.

2+2 does not equal unicorn. 

Does blogging and self promotion make me vain? 

I'm not a real Christmas music kind of person but Gala's mix is pretty good.

Work better.

The literary gift company. Just the entire shop. 

Men think women who look like them are totally hot.

Photographs of cars with their namesakes.  

The best secret Gmail feature is hiding in plain sight.

I love this un-waste bookcase.

Making these ornaments looks like fun!

The vice guide to business school. Pretty much what I thought it was like.

When Danielle posted a picture on Instagram of this gift her son got for his birthday I ran around my work showing everybody, it's so cool!

Baby owl learning to fly!

A font made of leaves.

Rochelle is one of the cutest bloggers. 

Don't fall for the fake Facebook privacy notice.

What's on Stephanie Meyers' ideal bookshelf? (And other better authors too.)

I want this Natalie Dee nailpolish

The New York Times published a list of 100 notable books of 2012.

Just when I thought I was so over colorful hair, I see this.

Real birds, tweeting.

33 dogs and cats that just don't know anymore.  #27!!

Serious about something? Make a five year commitment. 

The autism advantage

Holiday shopping for the people you hate. A hilarious look at the Anthropologie store.

If your dog eats chocolate, first call the vet, and then you can check out this toxicity calculator.

Colored photos of Paris in 1914. Wow!!

How to bake someone's cremated remains into a cake.


I couldn't do it without stealing things from them.