Friday, 16 November 2012

Wanna go for a walk "in the trees?"

"In the trees" is our special time, me and Tankaroo. Nobody else takes him up there and he just seriously loves it. ADVENTURE DOG!!! You have to watch him around cliffs, he's pretty stupid fearless about heights. 

We can only go in the fall/winter months because SPIDERS. It's super exciting, there's deer living all around there so he gets to follow their scents, plus there's this one hill that overlooks the highway which just fascinates him for some reason. He will just stand there and stare at the cars going by forever if I don't interrupt him. It's like you can see his little mind working, trying to figure out what's going on and contemplating life outside his house and regular walk-zones.

 I think he also likes walking "in the trees" because I let him take the lead if there's a fork in the path. He gets to choose where he's going to go sniff and pee next. You don't get to do that on the sidewalks, no-sir-ree.

 We found some cool stuff like...

A rusty car. That nobody cared about on instagram apparently.


 An arched portal into a fairy land. We went through it and found...

A bridge to nowhere. Seriously the end of this is a cliff. 

 We also saw all sorts of fungus. 

Some pretty scenery, a child's swing (?) and an almost bald arbutus tree. 

And...this thing?? It actually creeped me out discovering this manmade ... ?? hill of something with bars facing a cliff ...or whatever it is. At first I thought it was some kind of fancy hidden campsite, then I thought it was an animal cage once I saw the back of it. I still have no idea but I'm guessing it's some sort of gopher habitat? Because of the dirt mound full of holes beside it?? Weird.


That last one is him pouting after I wouldn't let him stand on top of the structure, haha. Also yes I realize I'm anthropomorphizing the shit out of my dog in this post, gimme a break, he's so cute I can't help it. 

After giving that weird place a thorough inspection we went up to the top of our neighborhood and enjoyed the view until Tank heard a crow and we had to follow it. 

Good times. I seriously love that dog.