Wednesday, 14 November 2012


This is one of my favorite yard corners. Why are the trees so crowded together? And see how green the moss is? And they never clean their leaves so it's a crunchy walk past. Their fence is waist height and really cute. This corner catches my eye every morning.

I'm *almost* becoming self conscious about the sheer quantity of links I can find and post in only a matter of ... what's it been? Three days! But hey, there you have it. Here's some cool stuff.


True story: I'm a pastor.

How to make a truly spectacular cup of coffee

Liars and the lies they lie.

A very basic guide for taking a better photo. 

The charitable humblebrag

The education of the bug hunter.

For those of you on the run - How to choose and maintain a cover identity. 

All gear and no idea. (videos)

If I were a, how you say? Gamer? I'd get these

Have you ever heard of the Kuleshov effect?

DIY sriracha.

How do you feel about condoms in your porn?  

Anyone want wooden keys for their Macbook pro

Gay men will marry your girlfriends if you don't support gay marriage. (video) hahaha

I'm not normally one for leggings but I'll make an exception for these

A day in the life: young adult fiction writer.  

Guess who? Prank. So awkward. (video)

Hangover prevention patch.

The head of programming at MTV hilariously explains why they don't play music videos anymore. (video) (Kind of NSFW)

An awesome tumblr of windows 95 tweaks 

This room is gorgeous, from the map carpet to the mural on the back wall

How to read body language.

Hey Tattoo Rant has a new post! Finally.

Is YouTube making us smarter? (video)

The "it's not rocket science" approach to making your dreams come true.

Boobs: an owner's guide.

Suzy writes about Savita Halappanavar's unneccesary death.

Did you know you can follow people's instagrams from your home computer?

The terrible bargain we have regretfully struck. 

The Looking Glass is a Tumblr of photos by select photographers at Disneyland. Featuring one of my faves, Chloe Rice.

FINALLY men can get the short shorts that were all the rage in the '70s and '80s.  

Did you guys watch SNL this week? The Sloppy Swish killed me. Too funny. (video)

Amazing - urine powered generator. 

Queering the Qu'ran

These cloud photos are beautiful.

How to drink until your ass bleeds. 

Venice under water.  Photos of Venice after some heavy rainfall.

Tiger cub playing with a chihuahua. (video)

Did you hear that Air B&B has got over a thousand places for displaced people in NYC to stay? Gives you faith in humanity.

This costume is hilarious. (video)

Animal cheat sheet: how to spot the difference between similar looking animals.

The best tattoo show out there - Tattoo Age - Mutsuo. (videos)

An effective business plan isn't to simply have a website. 

Exploring an abandoned castle

Be good to your delivery driver. 

Ever wanted to write to an inmate? Or at least give them some books to read