Sunday, 4 November 2012

some of the best things

Well first on the list is the fall daylight savings, where you gain an hour and the sun suddenly is up when it wasn't yesterday. I'm spending my hour blogging. ha. Classic nerd.  I also love...
  • Walking out of the gym and feeling the cold rain on my face after a hard workout. Does that sound like a back-door brag or something? I hate mentioning the gym anywhere, it feels like I'm being pretentious. Anyway meh. I do love that rain thing.
  • When you try something new and find you really like it. That 'feuer senf' is a delicious strong mustard, if anybody's a mustard fan out there you should try it.
  • Wearing fingerless gloves when it gets chilly. I got these last year from my pal Izabelle. She's really cool by the way, go see her blog sometime.

  • When you're really hungry and are just about to sit down to your favorite food, but you have to get up and do something for a second. It's the best suspense. 
  •  Having a huge line-up of awesome books to read on my e-reader. It's great to know they're there even if I haven't been doing as much reading as I'd like lately.
  • Having a huge and ongoing artsy project to do, even if it's as simple as gluing stencils to a bathroom wall. 
  • Getting mail from around the world. 

  • Starting to watch a TV series that has multiple seasons, loving it, and then realizing you still have fifty hours of that show to watch. *cough* Big Love *cough*
  • In the same vein as that last one, loving a TV show that's currently on. I look forward to every single Sunday's Walking Dead episode all week long. It's a date night with Ryan too, we always make it special.
  • When your dog lays his sleepy head on your chest in an act of complete and innocent love and trust in the early morning, with no ulterior treat motives.

 Like this!

  • Finally owning not one, but two pairs of black jeans I feel comfortable wearing. It's my new uniform for the fall season and I feel both confident and inconspicuous in them. (Jeans have always been my nemesis. I should go buy more.)
  • Listening to David Sedaris' stories on old This American Life podcasts when I'm bored on the bus. I was literally laughing out loud at the one where he's explaining Easter to a woman in his French class in Paris. (Click here to read it. If you've ever learned a foreign language you'll think it's hilarious.)
  • Watching amazing tattoos happen at my work every single day. Those guys are wizards, I swear.
  • The falling leaves, as cheesy as it sounds, are so beautiful in this city. There's every shade of yellow, orange, red and pink you can imagine. I should bring my real camera out to capture all the colors before they fade to brown.

I'm just trying to keep it positive in these grey dismal days, where Victoria turns into a rainy ghost town and everybody's moods turn depressive and sour. It is hard to live here sometimes but I'm not going to let it get me down this year. I've literally considered buying one of those sunlight lamps, I feel like it would actually help. I don't know, has anyone tried one before?