Wednesday, 28 November 2012


This is me and my levitating bra strap.

And now...links!!


First of all... NO EXCUSE LIST. It has pretty much everything you need to learn stuff forever.

Guy wins money live on TV after a streak of other lucky breaks. (video)  "I have. I have." aww

Are we having fun yet?

There's a new Ask A Mortician video up! It might be the last one for a while, considering she's in a fucking amazing writer's shack in Hawaii. SO JEALOUS

Here's a DIY for daredevils who have a crafty side.

My very gay night at some very straight strip clubs. 

I'm a fighter, not a lover. Or: why I keep getting into arguments at the supermarket. 

Everyone, everywhere.

A random book dispenser. 

Bicycle taxidermy. Cute idea!

Some strange significance.

I left my family for the free Syrian army.

Pay your dues.

Cutest helper ever. (video)

The fake skills shortage. YES. THIS. 

How I feel at the gym. 

Your in America - Grammar in the times of Twitter, Facebook and Texting. 

Photos that capture emotion on the faces of animals. The lion!


Super scary ghost prank. (video)

What it's like to live on a commune.

Give up giving up.

Feminist Friday: Clare on sex trafficking. 

Oh my gosh this squirrel.

Meet Casey Legler - a woman who models as a man. (video)

32 signs you're living in a hipster apartment.  Okay we've got a bulldog and a record player. And decorative skateboards and analog cameras. And a white tangle of cords. And a kit kat clock. And art from friends. Shit. We're like 1/5 hipster.

Dressing modestly changed my body image for the better.

Don't give to the anti-gay Salvation Army. Also they're destroying cultures by sending out missionaries to "spread the word" about their beliefs in English.

I really like that you like what I like.

The hater's guide to the Williams-Sonoma catalog.  

10 travel sites worth bookmarking. 

Circle the cat. I'm not gonna lie, I played this for WAY too long. 

Some gross pranks. Imagine eating a kitty litter brownie in front of some unsuspecting person. ha

Although sad, I think this photo is amazingly beautiful. 

Be a good person when people you love are sick.

Ahh, this is just weird and I don't know what it is. 

The useless web.

Proof that Black Friday is the most horrifying day ever. I would quit my job if I worked in one of those stores, I swear. 

Photos of faces projected onto trees. 

Canada shared by Canadians (video) Wow I live in a beautiful country. 

Does my culus look big ...?  

How many balloons would you need to lift your house?

Robert Pattinson is sick of Twilight and is glad it's over. (video)

10 great film roles rejected by famous actors. 

43 people you won't believe actually exist.

Truth and lies.

I got stoned by the Juggalos. Well, that sounds...terrible.

ASK REDDIT: What movies are less inspiring when flipped around? What money saving practices are not worth the savings? and What fashion trends do you understand the least?

5 reasons not to have kids.


Click on those names, you won't be sorry.