Thursday, 29 November 2012

instagram pictures I do not get

Don't get me wrong, I love Instagram. I love looking at other people's pictures of pets being cute, home decor, what you got in the mail from another blogger, people taking drunken bathroom pictures, what you're selling or knitting...I don't even mind pictures of everybody's food. My favorite pictures are the weird things people stumble upon in their everyday life.

But there are a few recurring um, photo themes, that I just don't get:


The "oh it's so cold out yet I'm in my underwear" picture. 

I've seen tons of photos lately of girls in thigh high socks and cute sweaters and nothing else. Which is fine, but the caption is always something like "Trying to stay warm and cozy on this chilly night". Just put some pants on, I swear it'll help with that whole "being chilly" problem.

Fun fact: these girls do not take it lightly when you tell them pants are warm. Believe me on this one.


The "I'm sleeping" picture. 

I think it was Caitlin who pointed this one out to me and now I can't un-see it. Who's supposed to be taking this picture of you and your cute dog sleeping? Are you pretending to sleep? Do you have like some weirdo roommate who takes pictures of you when you're catchin' some 'z's and they catch you at such a cute angle you have to post it? I'm not buying it.


The "look at this graffiti I did" picture.

Are you a moron? Even though you never hardly ever see these pictures with a caption that says "I did this" it's pretty fucking obvious when you take pictures of the same name over and over, and all your graffiti friends comment things like "mad props bro". This is a great way to have tons of evidence to be used against you when you get caught in the act one day.

And, sidenote, I thought the main thing about being a graffiti writer was nobody knew who you were, you are some kind of secret awesome vandal ninja. I guess those days are gone.


Are there any other instagram themes you're seeing that just don't make sense to you?