Tuesday, 9 October 2012

today's challenge: get by the spider for some links

I only post this fairly blurred out picture because you can totally see the spider's eyes in it and it was just a teeny little guy hanging out in our eaves so I feel pretty awed. I couldn't see his little face in real life. Thanks, camera, for showing us all the magic and beauty of nature. Or a totally gross spider face, depending on your perspective I suppose. 

Now for those arachnophobics among you...you made it! Here's those links I promised you.



Ha. I'm hilarious.

 Just kidding. Links for real.

In fashion, are trends passé

Shirt happens: Rock stars wearing their own merch.

Since when is razing a slum a solution to poverty?

Hanging out with people in real life is like herding cats. Cats that suck. 

I don't care if this is real, let's all pretend this best. flight. EVER. really happened okay?

Creating a foolproof system for just about anything

The box of pretty toys Katie came across made me jealous

Most mad scientists are actually just mad engineers. 

America: 50 states in 50 photos. 

What to pack (other than clothes).

The gathering of the juggalos 2012 fan gallery. AAH I can't even. NSFW, boobs and just the worst people in ... ever.

Getting the chimp off your back

Why I'm glad I outlived my suicide note.

Is anorexia a cultural disease?  Or is it genetics?

Dear TV. New girl and The Mindy Project. 

3D animated video instructions for origami. FINALLY something I can understand. Spatial physics are usually beyond my understanding for some reason. 

My internet friend Rochelle just quit her day job to pursue her dream. I'm so proud! :)

Caitlin's got a pretty good reading list going. I'll show you guys mine someday if you show me yours.

"Call me" - how the hand signal for "phone" has changed recently.

Would you wear that if nobody else did?  

Top 5 closet storage solutions. I love the shoe rack thing. 

18 thought provoking questions to ask yourself.

Reasons why you cannot be a bridesmaid.

I'm gonna thank the shit out of this sgiving. 

Shopping makes me want to die inside. ME TOO

99 smiles in Silchar.

Measure results, not hours to improve workplace efficiency.  YES

The enabler's tale

The theft of handmade. This is terrible.

Uncovering our truths: writing to cultivate self love.

Geometry daily.

Scottish man dies, taking town's dialect with him. LANGUAGE DEATH GUYS, IT'S REAL

Letter to my future self - a 23 year old writes to 30 year old her.

The finale posts to Crystal's pumpkin beer taste tests: getting better and the cream of the crop

Unchained melody. I don't know, it's just a nice song. (video)

Portraits before and after death. (a little disturbing)

Can't remember who you are? Round up your heroes, they'll show you.

How to be a good listener. Everyone take notes. 

I don't know why I am crying

Lies I tell my toddler.

What's it like to date or marry a fashion model?

Um, flippin' graffiti castle.  This place looks amazing.

Why women should stop trying to be perfect


Breaking Ned, A Walter White & Ned Flanders mashup.

Check out Erin's post on abandoned theme parks in Japan

And as usual a big ol' thanks to these ladies, from whom I stole pretty much all these links. Go check them out, they're awesome.

Or the bloody spider will get you.

(Picmonkey has some hilarious Halloween themed photo ... additions ... this month.)