Tuesday, 30 October 2012

links and a preview of my Halloween costume.

I can't wait for you all to see me in my Papa Smurf costume. Those of you who knew me in the Four Eyes Rella days will have seen a bit of it before, but not the full amazingness it is today.

We found this baby in a thrift store for like, seven dollars or something. The pants are WAY too small for me and the shirt is like a crop top but I'm making it work. Here's the funniest pictures of me in it from like 2009 when we first bought the thing. I didn't really know what smurfs do so I stood in the trees, looked at a mushroom and tried to pick up a rock? Anyway, enjoy.

HAHAHAA the rock one is so stupid. So this time around I got some pants that fit me (note the strategic angles of the photos...my butt was hanging right out of those ones) and a non-stinky brand new beard. And it also has blue feet I can wear. So. Awesome.

I have the day off work on the 31st and I think I'm just going to wear the costume all day long.
Well, maybe not the beard.

ANyway. Links now.


Mini travel guide: Rwanda.

Halloween and autumnal candy roundup.

Why the moon looks bigger on some nights than it does on others. 

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Sandra shared some cool street art from Amsterdam. She always finds the good stuff. 

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The power of negative thinking.

4 reasons to consider moving back to analog SLRs.  

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 Pointer pointer.

Ask  a mortician - all hallows edition - where did Halloween originate? (video)

My country, my train, my k-hole. 


Tips and things Caitlin's learned about romantic cohabitation

It happened to me: I was a "sister wife" until I escaped polygamy. 

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Wildlife photographer of the year winners. 

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I teach pelvic exams to med students. On myself.

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Let's all rubberneck at Hurricane Sandy.  But really. Cool pictures.

Seriously, the most smartest button design since iPods came out.

Why Disney brings new hope to Star Wars franchise.

If these recordings of Hoover the seal are real I can die happy. 

Typing karaoke.

Dinosaurs' feathers were for attracting mates, not flying.


Public bookshelves.  

Talking to the lovable but misguided sexist in your life. 

The 4am project

Bukowski on not having to work a "real" job.

I'm too old to contribute to this but you under 25s should check out Fifty Shades of Feminism.

Tilt shift maker

Facebook, I want my friends back! (one of the reasons I quit that crap)

Make your own font

The top ten relationship words that aren't translatable into English. 

World's worst prisons

Orphaned spotted lamb adopted by dalmation dog. (video)

A fat feminist talks about politics.  


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