Thursday, 25 October 2012

links and life


 Hangin' with the dog.


bird beaks, beetles, and barnacles

Around downtown.

 Clownface, new music with psychedelic album covers, failed self-portrait, mess.

Nerd stuff.

Bullies are always shitty.




The anatomy of Spongebob.

How to reveal a jack'o'lantern's secret pumpkin brain

Tom Hanks performs slam poem about "Full House". (video)

Cat bounce. 

Paul Jarvis on social media buttons.

Golf balls, sand, coffee and life. 

What's virginity worth? What about if you're a dude? 

Life skills 101 

Notes from a revolution: an interview with Roula Seghaier.

Emergency compliments. 

Spelling error surrealism.

I don't just like this project because it's called "nova".

Gala gives some advice on creating a digital product that will earn you squillions.

A guide to ghost hunting

Erin's been exploring abandoned houses in Alberta, Canada.

Beer troubleshooting. 

Arielle on hand holding.

Universal rules that you should break. 

This recorder version of the 20th Century Fox movie opening made me LOL for days. (video)

How the raptor suit for the movie Jurassic Park was made.

Why we buy into ideas and how to convince others of our thoughts

Watch strangers tell a little boy in a costume store that he can't be a princess for Halloween.  I actually love that "What would you do?" show, embarrassingly enough. People are horrible.

Kanye Wes - Kanye lyrics on Wes Anderson movie stills. 

Aww Moses the abandoned baby elephant is sooo cuuuute.

I love witty people on Facebook

How to get your lion back when it runs away: Life lessons from Tipi Hendren.

We need to talk about the internet.

We're a culture, not a costume. 

20 people who got owned on Facebook.

"Trampire" Why the public slut shaming of Kristin Stewart matters for young women. 

I got a "bad" psychic reading and it sort of ruined my life.

Even Charles Darwin had bad days.

60 tiny love stories to make you smile. 

It happened to me: I paid off a shitload of debt on a teacher's salary. 

Top 10 baths with a view.  

British vs. American words.

Looking for some scary ghosts? Check out these Japanese paintings.

How to email busy people.

A few things you need to know about living in New York

How to be sociable when you don't feel like it. 

Sea Lion returns to the ocean like a (giant awesome) fish to water. 

20 miles, erotic audio porn and the worst kind of jigsaw puzzle.

That joke isn't funny anymore

I want to kiss rhinos and hang out with eagles too!

Will Arnett on Conan O'Brien's show talking about the return of Arrested Development. (video)

What I've learned about photo gear in the past 40 years.

These shelves. 

11 things Sarah Von loves that aren't age appropriate

Did you guys know Lisa Frank is back?

<3 Ira Glass shows teenage girls how to make balloon animals and gives candid advice in "Ask A Grown Man" (video)

16 ways I blew my marriage. 

Return to start - reviews of board games and table games. I have to get Apples to Apples.

Wherein I mercilessly slaughter your dreams of a viking funeral.

How to frost a perfectly smooth cake. 

This teacher rules. (loud video)

On participating

8 strange rituals of productive writers.

Hipster disney princesses.

Do you think the idea of a "donkey punch" is funny? Well fuck you. 

I really like Stephen Klein's photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Super easy bat costume. 

Unsolicited advice from small animals wearing bowties and hats

Keep your reputation tight with reconstructive hymen surgery.

I could watch drum lines like this all day. (video)


Caitlin, that's right, THE Caitlin, started a new blog. Introducing The Desert Dandelion