Sunday, 16 September 2012

piano museum at the National Music Center

Again I probably took close to 250 photos in this place, but I'll just try and post some of the coolest stuff. It's hard to choose, I mean every single playable piano from the 1800s is pretty special in itself. Every real tortoise shell inlay, every hand-carved ingraving...well it was a really amazing place. And our tour guide knew how to play most of the instruments there as well!

The National Music Center in Calgary is a really interesting place to spend an afternoon if you're ever around those parts. They give tours of the museum on Thursdays and Sundays. And now here we go with the pianos. I'll put the synthesizers into their own posts.

This was Elton John's first piano. They said they invite him to come see it all the time but he hasn't shown up yet. haha

And finally, it's a player piano!! They're so cool and I accidentally made a five second video of it playing too which I posted at the bottom there just in case you don't believe me? I guess? It's proof damnit, the piano plays itself!

MVI 4332 from nova on Vimeo.

Again, you will see the rest of my photos on my tumblr account if you're interested.