Thursday, 20 September 2012

links - it's been a while

But first, some instagramz I taked, in no particular order.

1. "walk me" face 2.plane back to Victoria 3.cuckoo 4. no filter weird sky 5. moviehaus display 6. licorice and senf (hot mustard) from the German grocery store.

 1. What is a Newfoundland grocery? 2. Sister sister in the wind. 3. Bugging the cat. 4. A dog's breakfast. 5. Terrible surprise tooth extraction day. 6. I want cold pizza too.

1. Cyrus and Twitch. If you know, you know. 2. SAIT lighting. 3. Me at my dad's house. 4. Amazing white trash gift from a friend. 5. Bus stoppin'. 6. More cat torture. 

 And now for the links. 

Only the very best of the internet for my readers. That's my motto.


Ten reasons why the internet is brilliant. 

The ultimate "teach yourself to crochet" resource list.

My dog: the paradox.

Interview with a woman who worked as a secretary at the Playboy Mansion in the '60s.

If I were to wear gold it'd have to have spiky amethysts coming out probably.


Want to see the shiniest living thing on the planet?

That vs. Which: modify your understanding of the relative pronoun. 

I like Suzy's casual traveling style. I don't know how to write that without it sounding like I'm talking about her clothes. I'm not.

The truth about truth serum

What risks do different social media platforms expose you to? 

Instagram horoscope: what does your favorite filter say about you? I like Lo-Fi, Toaster, Rise and XPro the best.

Maggie is trying 1000 fruits. What a cool idea!

Brad does acid and live tweets it. 

How to escape the internet vortex. 

I love you but no. 

Everything I know about manifestation I learned from my mom.

Show us your debt! *coughfiftythousandcough*

Somehow I feel I'd fit in in Iceland. 


I want to go to the hot tub cinema!!

What to do when you have to work with someone you don't like.

Basically a list of things that make a girl look like she has no money. I have to agree. 

Beauty in sobriety: because heroin chic is so passe. 

Traveling across the USA via Amtrak

I like jewelry that is also other stuff

A brief photo survey of abandoned video stores

Chucks and Bucks: an oral history of the coolest shoes on earth. (that can give you plantar fasciitis if you're not careful!!)

Awesome dog portraits!! 

7 simple tips for travel photography.

Just how easy is it to be a fake fortune teller?

Crystal wrote a sad post about her dog Milo who recently died, and normally I wouldn't want to send people somewhere that'd make them sad but she also gives some smart advice about not buying from pet stores or puppy mills, and I think it's an important thing for people to understand.

My parents adopted a murderer. 

Eyes wide open: on embracing jet lag.

Five warning signs you give yourself that you shouldn't say what you're about to say.

Bloopers! I started out with watching Parks&Rec bloopers (parts one two and three) and got sucked straight into The Office season 8 bloopers. Parts one and two. So. Good.


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