Saturday, 22 September 2012

free writing I guess?

 Found this little gentleman at the bottom of our driveway.

I'm shouting into the void of the blogger "compose" page...can anybody hear me? I know you're out there, blog stats don't lie. There's at least 200 of you reading this. Or one really REALLY obsessed person who travels a lot and has a lot of computers.

Saying "a lot" reminds me of Allie Brosh's ALOT comic, perhaps one of the funniest comics of all time. If you don't know, first of all where have you been? And second? Click here. Right now.

I thought I'd try a little free-writing. I've got an entire fifteen minutes until I have to start brushing my hair or whatever I have to do to get ready in the morning. Put...socks...on? Yeah. That's it. Socks.

I just had that thing happen where I put a link to a pretty shiny necklace on my boyfriend's facebook page saying "please buy me this" and then totally forgot about, and then a super wonderful friend bought the thing for me. Which is amazing but then I was like "wait, my birthday is in two weeks, what if Ryan also bought it for me because I asked him to buy it for me?" And then there was this whole dilemma, like should I just hide it at work until my birthday and see if he got it for me and then pretend I only have one but secretly have two and never tell him or my friend? Or should I just ask Ryan right now? Or what should I do?

I ended up bringing it up and yes, guys. He got me the same thing. It's on its way to our house right now. So I have two identical necklaces. I really like it ALOT (see what I did there?) and could totally wear both for maximum bad-assery but it's kind of like his thunder is stolen a bit and I really should have waited until after my birthday and pretended I got his first.

That feels like lying though, you can't lie to your partner boys and girls, it's just a bad idea. I definitely should have waited until after his birthday party to bring it up though.


I have a group of internet friends who are all girls from all over the world who are mostly more or less involved in the tattoo community in one way or another. We used to go by the Internet Super Friends (ISF for short) although that fell off, can't imagine why with an amazing nickname like that.

Anyway we had a special German guest artist stay at the shop I work in for a few months, and guess what. His special lady is Corey, one of my ISFs!!!! So we got to meet in real life, and then they were always kind of around and stuff. It was really cool because I never seem to meet people I can converse with naturally right off the bat but she's just as sarcastic and weird as I am I think.

Anyway I'm not meaning to get too romantic about the whole thing, the point is I got to meet Corey, make probably 45 unfulfilled plans to hang out (due to various illnesses, tooth pullings and travel plans), and take these amazing pictures.

Four things I'd like to point out:

1. Eckel's "seductive" face
2. Corey is not really as hunchy as she is in that one picture, we were both very awkwardly posing.
3. Corey is poking me in the head because our friend said "at least touch each other" haha
4. The lunge excuse. They told me to go in front of them because it was my camera and I was trying to figure out how people pose in front of people. With this fantastic result.

I would recommend actually meeting some of these people you're always tweeting at face-to-face. It's a trip. And maybe you'll be lucky enough to set up a drunken Skype paint-by-numbers date like we did.

Welp, my fifteen minutes are up. Time to...socks.