Friday, 20 July 2012

super scandalous confession time

 ...but first a photo outtake

You know those "things I'm afraid to tell you" posts that are going around these days? I have like a billion things like that, and thought I'd share them every once in a while. Here's one now:

I don't know how to type accents and can't be bothered to learn for some reason. 

I know, right? Maybe this seems like "who cares?" but did you know that I majored in "Hispanic studies" in university? Meaning, basically I was an English Major but in Spanish instead. I was typing research papers and essays and reviews in Spanish like, all the time.

And, (here comes the humiliating part) since I have like the super-racist-anglo version of Word, it would underline everything I was typing (lol) and not help me with any punctuation at all. So I ended up doing what any reasonable adult would do and Googled each word that I was pretty sure had an accent, and then copied and pasted it into my essay.

Anyway I was just thinking about this because I went to type the name Desiree with an accent over the last "e" and I can't do it.

Just. Awful.

So there you have it.