Sunday, 22 July 2012

super good links and non-depressing pics from this week as an apology to my instagram buds

Sorry if I've been bumming everyone out on instagram lately with all the cat sadness, I'm just having a hard time with it all. If you don't follow me there then never mind. Here are a couple photos from the week. Nothing cat related, I promise. Just a lake, my chest, flowers, new shoes and my happy and healthy dog.

And now ... LINKS


Your ultimate guide to superfoods.

The rich kids of instagram.

Tattoos and sun exposure: a losing combination

How to light a fire with your pee.

How to cuddle with an elephant seal. He's so romantic! (video)

I love that Sandra's test tubes are working as planned! 

Krispy Kreme doughnuts being made from dough to box. (video)

This guy's impressions are spot on. Click here for a bunch of random ones (the King of the Hill one made me laugh) and here for his Game of Thrones impressions. (videos)

How to use a semicolon. 

Introverts are ok.

What is your acne telling you?

Headless camel? (video)

17 tips to make your life easier.

10 life lessons from 10 incredible women

Best. Sandbox. Ever.  Can you imagine thinking you found a dinosaur skeleton as a kid?

The top 10 weirdest beauty pageants.  

Rubbernecking is not nice.  Agreed!

A feminist conundrum.

10 famous literary characters based on real people

Why you should do your job, not follow your dreams. I love this!!

Chewable toothbrush.

Should you go your own way? 

Echoes of voices in high towers. Some harsh street art. 

What not to crochet. 

The bull passes through - a firsthand account of participating in the running of the bulls.

Perfectionism and learning how to do nothing. 

Pay it as it lays; in the 50 shades era, male escort services are on the rise.

How to say NO like a boss

I took secret photos of my abortion to empower and educate women. 

The fifty cutest things that have ever happened

17 ways to be a good daughter

How to win a cubicle war. (video) 

I tell this to people all the time: drinking hot beverages makes you feel cooler in hot weather.

Grilled peaches sound amazing. 

Smartest whale shark ever. (video)

LA gives some advice on buying your first home.

Decorating our homes in the digital age.

Leaf typography.


Thanks to Diana,Gala, Desiree, Nubby, Clare, Danielle, Tracy, Sarah, Alycia, Sarah Von, Kellie and Suzy.

And finally, a beautiful self-portrait I took and edited with the Way Cooler app.