Wednesday, 6 June 2012

scenes from a quiet day off

1. Trying out Game of Thrones hair. 2. Gimme attention dog. 3. Don't look at me cat. 4. Muppets.

I've been trying to figure out what I want out of this new blog and I've decided to make it a bit more online journal-ish than Might As Rella was. (Not in a dear diary my boyfriend said this kind of way, don't worry!)

I've been thinking about my life in general lately, and how so much of mine has been consumed with doing things for people I don't care about for no good reason, doing things that are not necessarily for my benefit, doing things I don't really want to...and I've been making some big changes. Some tough changes too. This is what sparked my recent blog abandonment. I was sitting there, worrying about what my next ten posts were going to be because some __ hundred strangers would stop reading what I wrote if I became unreliable. 

And the thing is, who cares what __hundred strangers think? I was spending so much time and effort on something that had ceased to bring me joy. And it certainly wasn't bringing me fame or money.

The things I love about blogging are telling stories, meeting cool people from all over the world, and having a sort of online storage bin of images from my life in a certain time period. So this is what I will continue doing. On my own time.

It feels really weird to be writing to fourteen people now, but kind of awesome too! A new beginning. I was only a medium sized fish in a tiny pond anyway, starting fresh is good for the soul.

Anyway I just kind of want to lay it out there now, I want to keep it low key and more about what I'm interested in, rather than what I think others want to read about.