about me

My name really is Nova. I'm living a happy life in Victoria, B.C.  which, if you don't know is on an island on the west coast of Canada. I'd like you to believe I'm really cool but I'm not. I stay in and watch TV. I read books for fun and have a great relationship with my family. I do have some friends but they must be a patient bunch of people because they never see me.

This blog is just a day to day look at what's going on around here, and sometimes I'll post a links post that will blow. your. mind. Or make you wish you'd never been born. Either way make sure you wear protection.

Speaking of wearing protection, this is my boyfriend. (Sweet segue, right?) He's the love of my life so no stalkers please. Ha. I wish. No I don't.We live together with our dog Tank and sometimes his kids as well. More custody pending, I hope!

More pictures! 

So yeah. That's me. Want to know more? Read my damn blog you wiener!