Friday, 10 August 2012

links galore.

 This is one of my favorite shirts. What do Italians do better? You tell me. 

I've been meaning to do a review of Fifty Shades of Grey for you all but it was going to be in a video and I haven't had the house to myself in weeks...and this is the kind of thing I need to be alone in the house for if you know what I'm saying.

Wait, no. Not like that.

I just really want to read some of the book out loud, to really emphasize the world's worst prose ever in the history of writing. Read a second grader's diary and it'll be more thought provoking and have less grammatical errors. You know how many times the protagonist thinks to herself "HOLY CRAP"? Probably a bajillion. And oh, the gasping. So. Much. Gasping.

Anyway I'll get into it more later. In the meantime if you do see anybody reading this garbage, please just go up to them and hit it out of their hands into a puddle. For science.

Now for some links.


Hunting for hummus in Israel.

Oz the Great and Powerful trailer. (video)

True story, I have epilepsy.

Boys' minute with Wil Arnett, haha. (video)

How to make rainbow flowers. 

How to beat the blues

Disasterland - Disney characters in adult situations.

The human jukebox (video)- these musicians are fantastic.

The beginning of the Elsie May story

Words from wise women: Amy Poehler.

I wish someone would pick me up at the airport Amalie and Allan style.

Vanilla stout beer floats

You are not a large corporation: a manifesto for the self employed.  

I don't know about the ice cream delivery system on the Iceman...but it's awesome nonetheless!

The real people of the Lanvin ads.

What's the difference between German schools and American schools

How the people around you affect your personal success

Vices canisters.

Reproductive coersion: physical abuse without a bruise

The history of the gathering of the juggalos

I loved this article about tattoo flash and totally agree with it.

You chose wrong - a tumblr of choose your own adventure endings.

10 radical self-love exercises to boost your summer lovin'. 

How to stop the snarky voice in your head from killing your productivity

It's a walrus dancing to Smooth Criminal. (video)

This chameleon clock app is kind of cool.

A case of olympyism.

Taste testing a Jones Soda Thanksgiving Holiday Pack. Ewww

Recognizing our patterns and learning how to change them.

Colson Whitehead's rules for writing. 

What makes a viral video? (video)

About that whole Chick Fil-A thing.

16 films about teenagers that are not just for kids.

On the predominance of cupcakes as a cultural form

Words I hate

Driftwood doilies

Eating: a manifesto. 

Really really cool underwater portraits.

12 most striking tendencies of creative people. 

Rapists explain themselves on reddit. 

All the jobs I've seen in Shanghai. 

Tough love and advice for struggling bloggers. 

How to quit your job, sell your stuff and travel the world

Money-filled balloons.

On friendzoning and how sexist that term is.

Taxi drivers of London. 

A tour of's headquarters.  nsfw obviously

Do you know what goes on in the Olympic Village? Sex. That's what. 

Let's talk about migraines. 

Bulldogs make snow train. (video)

Facts about sleep.

If you're gonna donate to a kickstarter, donate to this one!

What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

The morning after.

What my son's disabilities taught me about having it all. 

13 creative hot dog recipes. 

What I learned from my mother's overspending. 

12 things a teenage girl should know.

Pintrest, Tumblr and the problem with curation.

People on the internet are dumb. 

The dictionary of obscure sorrows. 

I'm a recovering bigot. 

This quote is too true. 

A short history of muppet activism: gay marriage, anti-bullying and more.

6 well-intentioned ways you're ruining your dog.

Upside down, left to right, a letterpress film. (video)

Fruity tabbouleh. Fun to say, looks delicious.

How a collective of female friends helped me stand up to street harassment. I am SOOOO doing the thumbs down thing from now on, it's easy, non-violent and pretty funny too.

35 brand new words added to the dictionary

Celebrities read mean tweets about them out loud. (video)

The science of power naps. (video)

I think Nathan Fillion has a good point

I totally know where Rowley is, it's near-ish the town I grew up in. Great photos by Erin.

My friend Sam drank a lot of coffee one day. 

24 vintage photographs of Abe Lincoln being awesome.

Why we hate seeing photos of ourselves. (video)

5 reasons getting older rules.



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