Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Star Wars tattoos.

Another tattoo shop in town had this cool idea to raise money for the Children's Hospital. Star Wars tattoos for charity: they imported like fifteen tattooers from around Vancouver Island and some from the interior of BC to do $60 minimum Star Wars tattoos (off the flash sheet they had posted in the front window). They ended up raising $12000 in two days and doing like a billion Star Wars tattoos which is like a win-win for them.

People are posting their finished tattoos on the events page on Facebook if you're curious.

So why am I writing about another tattoo shop at all? Well first of all we aren't enemies or rivals, and they're very nice people. And secondly Ryan went with one of his other nerd friends and they got tattooed on Saturday.

Here's the finished product. (In case you don't know, yes it's supposed to be a bit scabby at first). It's on the side of his elbow and is about three inches tall.

I don't really get it, but I'm assuming that guy's name is like hammerhead guy or something in the movies? Anyway, it looks funny and says HAMMER TIME so that's all I care about. lol

This is actually Ryan's second Star Wars tattoo on that same arm. He also has a single needle R2D2 from the $2 tattoo project, which has held up surprisingly well, actually. (It's TINY)

He had a lot of fun. I wish I liked Star Wars, maybe I would have gotten one too. Maybe someone will do a linguistics charity tattoo run?