Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Identity based habits. I'd say some of mine are loyalty, being bad with money and being an animal lover. I've always been these things.

Oh just a clumsy elephant. (gif)

Design Sponge did an article on Victoria, where I live! It's practically like I'm famous! (blog post)

I could never ride this 14 foot tall bicycle. Too high. I saw someone riding a penny farthing around town once and even that seemed too high. He needed help getting up. (photos)

When your twitter friend turns out to be the Boston bomber. (article)

The jocular present. (article)

This is actually getting pretty scary: The slow and painful death of freedom in Canada. (article)

Here is today. A lesson on the insignificance of humanity. (cool website)

Origins: Hannah part II. Nerd rock bottom, lol. (blog post/comic)

Yikes, remind me never to have sex in Japan, hahaha. (reddit answer)

The complete guide for selling your unwanted crap for money. (article)

The history and mentality of self-harm. (podcast/article)

Albino lion gets a kiss. Yes it's very cute and I know this probably doesn't have to be said, but never do this, even if it looks like the lion is very friendly, lol. (photo)

Mike Mitchell's movie portraits. (images)

Amalie's pictures of the London tattoo convention (from last September) are pretty! (blog post)

You've probably already seen this, but just in case you missed it, Jimmy Kimmel sent someone to ask a bunch of hipsters what they think of bands...that don't really exist. It's straight up embarrassing to watch. (video)

WTF blue(?)berries (image)

Creative process behind the photo shoot. (article+photos)

Am I reacting properly to the bombings in Boston? (blog post)


Lifehack via buttpoems. 

66 behind the scenes pics from the Empire Strikes Back. (photos)

Saturday morning Gary. (blog post)

Internet archaeology - hilarious abandoned websites stuck in the 90s. (images)

Here's the full-length trailer for The Bling Ring. I really want to see this. (video)

Songs that use poor grammar. (blog post)

19 brands that you didn't know were owned by huge corporations. Burt's Bees! Tom's of Maine? Geez. (images)

Blogger kits (like press kits) are such a great idea! (article)

Giveaway: one small puppydog. (blog post)

I am a research scientist, and that is why I drink. (article)

How to be luckier. (article)

Women's issues are not a "first world problem". (blog post)

An award for you! (blog post)

Apple Moonbeam, the squirrel. (photos)

Our chocolate, ourselves. (article)

3 articles that crafted my perception of exceptional magazine writing. (article...s)

Barcelona is even more beautiful than I imagined. (photos)

Apparently I'm dauntingly positive and optimistic. You know what I say to that? Fuck off! (blog post)

Storytime with ... a happy endings masseur for women. Those exist too! (article)

This cat knows how to relax. (gif)

Minibar blues. Eh, they're stupid anyway.  Just go to the store down the street and pay the same amount of money for a mickey and some bulk peanuts if that's what you want.


7 ways to look better in photos. Step one, do not pose like this:

lol they put this picture on the damn website too. hahaha they told me to get in front ... what was I supposed to do?


I really really wish I had an occasion to dress as Betty Cooper like this. (photos)

If Disney characters had Facebook. (images)

This 1993 AT&T ad is hilarious. You will send a fax from the beach! (article/video)

Tips for scoring airline upgrades. (article)

7 reasons kale is the new beef. (blog post)

Michael Bublé seems like such an overly confident prick but he's so talented I kind of feel like out of anybody, he has a right to be. Anyway here's him singing in a NYC subway with a bunch of guys. (video)

And, as though she was destined to prove me right, Suzy writes about meeting Michael Bublé. (blog post)

Pics or it didn't happen. (blog post)

What I think of Girls. On the tv show and the new generation of internet kids. (blog post)

How we all learned to speak Instagram. (article)

Please please please somebody buy me this hoodie!! They sure have some...interesting merch! Yes, I'll take one butt plug and some divorce papers, please. (shop)

John Cleese on creativity. (video) (over ten minutes)

5 reasons men avoid women with cats. (blog post)


I am so Darlene. 

Just a few lovely blacksmithing photos. (pics)

Seriously, the coolest baby books I've ever seen. (blog post)

You had one job to do! (meme)

Panels 2 ponder: out of context comic panels. I used to cut up archie comics because even him and Veronica could get up to some weird antics out of context. (website)

This sloth and cat are so cute together, but maaan sloths have scary nails. (video)

First of all, Amy looks like Sookie Stackhouse. Second, she's 30 and here's what she's learned. (blog post)

When good things happen to other people. (article)

28 ways to live like Lucille Bluth. (images)

If your friend says you are too fat to be in her wedding, she is not your friend. (article)

Is it ever okay to feel sorry for myself? (blog post)

Little girls are better at designing superheros than you are. (tumblr)

Creepy things children say to parents. (article)

100 rules of dinner. (article)

True story: I'm an art model. (interview)

Great white sharks will scavenge! (article/photos)

Why travel makes you awesome. (article)

An interview with Hitler's food tester. (article)


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