Thursday, 9 May 2013

links and a tattoo cover up photo

Look closely. This is a photo I took at work of my boss covering up a (backwards, poorly done) crimson ghost can see the face in Cthulu's forehead. I don't know, I thought it looked cool. 

Anyway here are all the links I could find on the entire internet.

This GIF about the origins of our modern alphabet is fantastic. 


OMG OMG Allie Brosh finally posted something new! About depression! And as usual it is fantastic and very touching. (blog post/comic)

These fruit tissue balls are really cute, although I can't think of an occasion to make something like this. (DIY)

A cool way to advertise only to children. Although I could see this idea being used by toy companies and the like as well...for evil.  (video)

The 5 most spectacular landscapes on earth that murder you. I found this because a redditor said when he was a kid he didn't understand how dangerous number 3 was and would jump over it all the time. (cracked article)

If I were to get excited about gardening it would have to involve a hundred succulents like Kaylah's. And a pretty rock garden of some kind. (blog post)

The Calgary Stampede has the worst food! Three words: deep fried butter. Yeah. I quote "Cubes of butter are tightly wrapped in homemade pie crust before being deep fried to perfection." I would probably try a chocolate covered jalapeno though. For science. (article)

Did you know the smell of rain has a name? I didn't. (wikipedia) 

I like this gif. 


I don't owe you a smile or my time. (article) YES this is what I was talking about with the "sit like a man" post I wrote a while back.

Bad Lip Reading of the Walking Dead. The Broadway bit is pretty funny.  (video)

A four step plan to feel better. This would totally work for me too. (blog post)

Mini travel guide: Costa Rica. I want to go to there. (blog post)

These photos of Tulum are very pretty! I also want to go to there. (blog post)

I was swallowed by a hippo.  To be fair it didn't actually swallow him. But still. (article)

I want this shirt. (photo)

I'm sure you've all heard of the stray dogs in Moscow who take the train right? (article) Well I'd heard it before too but didn't really believe it until Caitlin said she saw them while she was there. THEY EXIST GUYS. 

World's largest jigsaw puzzle breaks. NOOOO haha (blog post)

Excerpts from Vanilla Ice's Wikipedia page, presented without comment. I saw TMNT II in the theater when it came out and thought he was the coolest. lol (blog post)

You won't hear me say this often, but I love this handbag. (shopping)


 via Adulting

What a week of groceries looks like around the world. I think Turkey, Guatemala and India look the yummiest. (photos)

Airborne beverages. (photos)

I've said this before, but here it is again: "Ebonics", or African American Vernacular, is its own dialect in English and is a valid form of speech. Descriptivists rule!! (article)

Here's a weasel playing with an Eeyore stuffy. I like how it keeps popping up from behind the pillow, too cute. (video)

Suzy faked her way into a bunch of jobs at the Juno Awards ceremonies and afterparties and...had an interesting time. Thursday, Friday Morning, Friday Night, Saturday Morning *gary, Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Night, and Sunday.

Did you hear about the skeleton that was found at the site of Jamestown, USA that confirms the colonists in 1609-1610 were cannibals during a very harsh winter? What grosses me out the most about this is that they exhumed corpses...I guess they would have been kept fresh during the winter but's bad enough eating a dead body, but an old buried dead body? Worse. I like the look of disapproval they gave the recreation of her face. (article)

Wil Wheaton on why it's awesome to be a nerd. I got something in my eye while I was watching this. (video)

Have you heard about #followateen on Twitter? Yeah, it's a bit creepy. (article)

Amalie and company broke into an abandoned hospital near Berlin and took some beautiful photos. Here's part one and part two. (blog posts)

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