Saturday, 4 May 2013

insert requisite Star Wars pun blog post title here

 The true title of this post is something like "What I am a nerd about".

I won't write anything about Star Wars today because I haven't seen the movies. Nor do I really care to. I basically know the entire plot line of the old three through pop culture references and TV homages. The new three just look ... boring (and children's impressions of that Jar Jar character has caused me many moments of anguish).

Sorry to "alienate" all my nerd friends here but Sci-fi stuff rarely gets me going. I also wasn't really sure about Serenity and BSG and Star Trek, and my sister's boyfriend's cousin is Trisha Helfer. lol.

 To be honest I didn't give any of these shows a fair shake, I basically saw a spaceship and was like "BORING". I may try them out yet. In secret. Nobody can ever know.

But everybody has their thing. A couple days ago I wrote about the origins of a word and Hannah, one of my long-time commenters on this blog was like "The new revelation of you being a linguistics nerd is making my heart sing with glee (not like the show)."

Which surprised me because I thought everybody in my entire life, internet friends included, knew that I'm a total word nerd. I am currently drinking out of this mug for goodness sake:

I have a WUG tattoo. I have linguistics books that I read for fun. On top of the linguistics stuff, I am also really into languages. I love learning them and fucking around with words in general.

So basically I just want you all to know that even though I'm not a Star Wars fan, I am definitely not "too cool" for those of you who are. lol