Tuesday, 2 April 2013

this and that

One of my favorite things to do on my day off is watch listen to inspiring speeches, lectures and keynote addresses by interesting people, and doodle. The doodling has to be in a black moleskine pocket sized notebook, and the pen is a specific black fine tip bic. Yesterday I listened to Dave Grohl at SXSW and it was very inspiring.


One of the kids has the strangest virus right now, I've never even heard of it. It's called something something stomatitis. Apparently it's super contagious (lucky us!), it gives you all the symptoms (and pain) of strep throat without being treatable with any drugs. 

And it makes parts of your mouth swell up. His gums look like he has a horrible case of gingivitis, they're all red and bleeding. And the weirdest part, his hard palate (just behind the teeth) is swollen so badly you can see these white veiny looking things popping out. It's hard to explain. And I just tried using google images and it was horrifying. None of those pictures look like what he has...they are much much worse. Do not google stomatitis, whatever you do.

I do not want to catch this. 


I also woke up today to a very ashamed dog. He's pretty extreme when he feels guilty, like you can see it from across the room when he's done something bad. Today he peed on Ryan's boots because I dared to sleep in past 6:30. 

How do you get dog pee out of boots? Damnit. 


Seriously I'm so paranoid about getting that virus, I just took a sip of hot coffee and panicked because my gums felt weird for a second. But it's fine, I just burned myself a little. 


I'm horribly addicted to The Simpsons Tapped Out game. I play it like three times a day on my iPod touch. If you haven't tried it, it's kind of like The Sims only THE SIMPSONS. As my boss pointed out the other day, they really should have named it "the SIMSons" but whatever. 


Yesterday I spent like an hour just sweeping our driveway and a little sidewalk that goes around our house. The joys of having tree-lined property include such chores as leaf raking, driveway sweeping, branch collecting after a storm, and constantly having kids in the trees beside your house. 

I only got about halfway done, here's an instagram picture I took of what I did and what needs to be done still. I probably killed a million beetles, spiders, ants and worms doing this.

 And there is moss growing on everything.


Ryan's been working out pretty consistently for over a year now, and yesterday he tried on a bunch of his summer clothes because it was that nice out and none of them fit properly anymore. They're all tight in the chest and the armpits. It's great, but he's also kind of bummed because he likes those clothes. I'm happy because guess who gets his cool clothes hand-me-downs...ME! :) I'm wearing a lovely grey American Apparel v-neck right now.

Luckily an H&M has opened up nearby...oh my gosh you guys I didn't know I could like shopping in a clothing store until now. I bought my first pair of leggings. These were twenty bucks and I love them and want five more.


They feel like pajamas when I'm wearing them out in public which I'm not too sure about, but I definitely love them on my days off of work. It's like, so comfy but also acceptable to answer the door in.

So that's me lately. How about you?